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  1. New guy, needing help

    Nah mate wasnt me, I wish I was in the ABC islands...stuck here in not so sunny Glasgow making the newspapers for tomorrow
  2. New guy, needing help

    absolutely brillinat olks./..thanks for all your help so far...looking forward to watching and supporting the team...whats this winter classic all about...i realise its outdoors which is ace...but whats the story to it a redwings thing or an NHL thing or whot?
  3. New guy, needing help

    superb mate thanks for that im on it already
  4. New guy, needing help

    Absolutely brilliant and exactly what I was looking for ...thanks very mind is pretty made up on the Red Wings to be fair as it seems it has as much history in the NHL as my team does in will always be my first love but american sports have always interested me and ive been a big follower of the NBA all my life (im 32 now) just recently picked up on the NFL and NHL but my cousin playes Ice Hockey here in Scotland and ive seen some of his games and its awesome...but yeah Red Wings rule as far as I can see so far...thanks for the history in work at the minute and will read up on this later in my shift (dont finish till 1am) Thanks again
  5. New guy, needing help

    Hey guys Im from glasgow in Scotland and looking to take on the Redwings as my NHL team...Ive watched NHL for years, but my sport is football, or soccer for you folks...My team is Celtic but I was looking for a team with a deep history in NHL...something I can relate too...Can some of you point me in the right direction of players, history, etc as from what Ive been told it sounds like the Wings are the team for me Thanks for any help in advance Cheers guys Stevie