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  1. What would it take a get Shea Weber?

    Umm... Well we just gave up Jarnkrok, Eaves and a mid-2nd/3rd to the same team for a 33 year old David Legwand (who has expiring contract and wasn't re-signing) and has only put up 50 points twice in his career. So to get a top 3 defenseman in the NHL (the face of their franchise and captain) who is still in the prime of his career, with a very reasonable cap hit for until he's retired (considering inflation during the current CBA) would probably take something like: Irrelevant because Nashville isn't trading this type of player for the next 5-6 years - unless he demands a trade.
  2. Legwand to Detroit for Eaves, Jarnkrok + cond 3rd/2nd

    I think the only way to rationalize a trade is to look at it from 2 different approaches: 1. The current value of the player as an asset to his team. (defined by: NHL production, Tangible stats, Chemistry with other players.. ETC) 2. The potential value of the player as a long term asset to his team. (defined by: AHL/CHL/KHL production, Potential, Age, Skillset) In the case of Calle Jarnkrok, you identify a player who had virtually no value to the Detroit Red Wings as a current asset. As Ken Holland stated, he was never going to make this team while Datysuk, Zetterberg, Weiss, Helm, Andersson and Glendenning were playing ahead of him. And based on his physical tools, we was never going to make this team as 3rd/4th line Center either - meaning he would have had to play in a top 6 Center role (although I am unsure of his ability to play either wing) which wasn't going to happen anytime soon. As a long term asset, he would have continued to be affected by playing in an organization with a deep pool of players in front of him (at the same position) - that fact on its own brings substance to the idea of him playing in Europe. The problem for the Red Wings was continuing to limit his value as a long term asset by keeping him in the minors at the age of 22,23,24.. etc. Collaterally, you are limiting his "trade bait" potential by doing so. So while you are banking on him being a very good top 6 player one day, it also makes sense to maximize his long term value through trade. Although I admit the returns for Vanek, Gaborik, Luongo and Moulson seemed to actually be less than what we traded for Legwand - the trade becomes a very good deal if David Legwand decides to re-sign in Detroit. Eaves is a healthy scratch right now and was gone in July, this years (mid-late) second round pick comes in a weak draft, and Jarnkrok has yet to play a shift in the NHL. David Legwand has had what I consider to be "deflated stats" playing in Nashville's system and can provide right now what Jarnkrok scouts think he might be able to provide one day. Time will tell, but don't write off a guy who's been to the playoffs 22 years in a row, he may know more than we do.
  3. Tailgating?

    Hi Guys, I am a huge Wings fan coming up from Toronto (I know, I know...) today for New Years Eve and the game tomorrow. But seeing as we don't have an NFL team (yet) or any notable College football in Canada, I am excited to tailgate for the first time before the puck drops. I just wanted to get some valuable insight from people who have experience (specifically Wolverine fans who have done it at the big house) as to what time I should show up, where exactly to be and what to bring. I must sound like a complete newbie but believe me I am almost as excited for this as I am for the game... Please share!