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  1. @iamcIine @NHLCanes @kuokka22 This always reminds me of one Tim Curry and Home Alone 2

  2. @ArizonaCoyotes I still believe in you Pulu,you can still become the player we few see in you,show your holyslapper to all the doubters

  3. @realDonaldTrump stores makes everything better,financially and other weise,makes people happier,healthier and hard working = more income

  4. @MarciTHouse @amandatapping Et Tu Amanda?,you can't possibly agree with their ignorant protest?wise,kind,smart human soul,you know better

  5. @BlueJacketsNHL @monstershockey Korpisalo is soooo much better goalie than Forsberg,not sure why Torts picked him over Korpisalo.

  6. @209wutwut @dislexia_96 @NHLJets no its not,he is going to be 100% way before allstar game

  7. @WpgJetsPR @MTSIceplex is Laine with the team or not?

  8. @NigerianCafu @mnwild @IAWild @totallimo @NHL youre s***,one day pulu will be elite in the NHL.

  9. @SmashGamerTO @PeterRSkinner @NHL Says piddled Leafs fan,clearly you don't remember your Leafs defeat against Jets,who beat whom on PMskills

  10. @SimonBoyko Are you son of the former ice hockey player Darren Boyko? You look like him and you share the same last name.

  11. @Alyssa_Milano You are such a good person Alyssa...really good person,thanx a million retweeting this short clip and shearing it to all.

  12. @TheVertical @WojVerticalNBA Cha-Ching...payday.

  13. So no Pulkkinen?,still injured? that sucks.
  14. no Bertuzzi-Larkin-Pulkkinen line,no win? I hope Pulky is back from his minor injury for the next game vs Pittsburgh Pulkkinen and Pittsburgh works,last season 1 game 2 goals,this (pre) season 1 game 2 goals 2 assists.
  15. Se toinen TPulkkinen ja sen joukkue kaveri Tolvanen myöspelaavat USHL:llää tällä kaudella,molemmat pisteille heti,(Pulkkiselle maali)