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  1. @DetroitRedWings RR Russo is a quality d-man and if your coaches would see that AND if given a serious role,he woul…

  2. @ARaanta31 @artofdave @ArizonaCoyotes Pretty Cool

  3. @mnwild ??????? bridge deal 2.0

  4. @CapFriendly One hell of a young goalie,Rangers did good with this signing,in 2018-2019, probably gonna be rangers numero 1 guy

  5. @CapFriendly @NHL_AaronWard @NHLJets Super important role player for the Jets,has been for the past 2 seasons,does…

  6. @DallasStars Already best stars d-man in own end?

  7. Its weird why people critisize his shot accuracy,his accuracy in the AHL was superb,if his shot is bad in the NHL,i…

  8. @TBLightning First player signed from this years draft,is...Alexander Volkov,that was fast indeed.48th overall pick.

  9. @Vioola_86 @NHLBlackhawks Yes plaese.

  10. BOOM!!! Bulls got a steal of the century with this trade. ...

  11. View my NHL Expansion 2017 Picks käyttäjältä @TSNHockey

  12. @GoopyFunSeeker @Capitals @TyGraovac I agree,dumb dumb move from Wilds end,i don't think many caps fans realise what they actually got.

  13. @iamcIine @NHLCanes @kuokka22 This always reminds me of one Tim Curry and Home Alone 2

  14. @ArizonaCoyotes I still believe in you Pulu,you can still become the player we few see in you,show your holyslapper to all the doubters

  15. @realDonaldTrump stores makes everything better,financially and other weise,makes people happier,healthier and hard working = more income