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  1. @TheVertical @WojVerticalNBA Cha-Ching...payday.

  2. So no Pulkkinen?,still injured? that sucks.
  3. no Bertuzzi-Larkin-Pulkkinen line,no win? I hope Pulky is back from his minor injury for the next game vs Pittsburgh Pulkkinen and Pittsburgh works,last season 1 game 2 goals,this (pre) season 1 game 2 goals 2 assists.
  4. Se toinen TPulkkinen ja sen joukkue kaveri Tolvanen myöspelaavat USHL:llää tällä kaudella,molemmat pisteille heti,(Pulkkiselle maali)

  5. Yeah,but Crawford hasn't given him a spot yet,what gives?.Zurich Lions 6 games so far this season (4 CHL 2...

  6. How about NHL's best goalies by skill and intelligence (hockey IQ),neither of these 3 would be in that...

  7. To start this topic going, here's a 144 goal highlight video about the man himself. --- So what do you guys think whats to expect from Pulkcannon in this upcoming season,how many goals? what role? stuff like that.
  8. Sami Vatanen is a goner after 15-16 season,no way can Ducks afford him after Kesler deal.14-15 combined...

  9. I have one wish; Teemu Pulkkinen score like so below,next season for the big club.
  10. Now,lets all hope Teemu&Griffins will get their acts together,1 goal,1 win at a time. no more utica shut down's,let Pulkky and the gang fly sky high again.
  11. Here's a fun fact,back in 1980, there were no play-offsat international level,who got most points,took the...

  12. Griffins call it and advance,heres Pulky's 1-0 pp goal. Griffins 4-1 series win over Rockford.
  13. 12th goal of the post season for pulks,unfortunately Griffins lose.
  14. Nosek 2 assists and the captain, goal + assist aaand Pulkkinen 2 goals and 3 points,Pulkkinen you the man another 3 points.
  15. Teemu with the hat-trick,...this guy just is incredible.