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  1. ECQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Bruins 4 - Series tied 1-1

    The entry on PP needs to get miles better, really missing hank. Howard was wobbley and alfredsson terrible. Play the speed game. Looked good the second period.
  2. hockey on local radio?

    Four hours before gamestart the ticket discusses what the basket was like in jordan days. seriously, there must be something better???
  3. hockey on local radio?

    Sorry if this allready benn discussed a million time, but i was looking for a radio channel talking hockey and preferably red wings hockey. you know, similar to team 1040 for nucks and such. i've tried ticket 97.1, but sofar only glimpses about wings, mostly they talk for hours about later draft picks for lions and such. so is there a radiostation in hockeytown, that actually talks about hockey?
  4. Apparently it can get worse in Vancouver.

    The team drew all the wrong conclusions from the stanley cup year. The wanted to get bigger and tougher upfront, but all they ended up getting was slower and a tad bigger. This meant that the defensemen lost offensive confidence, due to lack of defensive support and has since chipped in less and less on the offensive side of the game. When nucks were att their best, they could maintain pressure in offensive zone for long periods of play, but that is all lost and what is left is a team lacking scoring in the worst way ever.
  5. 4/8 GDT - Red Wings 4 at Sabres 2

    Terrible game. The team has totally lost it´s mojo since dats returned. Go back to playing jurco-sheahan-tatar and legs-franz-nyqvist and work from there. Maybe go alfred-dats-helm as third?
  6. Franzen calls out team

    I think bart has been looking good the last few games.
  7. 3/7 GDT: Devils 4 at Red Wings 7

    I see a problem here. It's called negotiating new contract.
  8. Edler-Kesler Vs. Ehrhoff-Stewart

    I second this. In fact i would like em both. Kessler is not a team player, and doesnt in any way belong in an organisation as wings. Steward is a hyped filler. He has nothing the wings need. Red wings look great upfront(maybe a bit small). It´s on the d we desperately need improvement. To me it´s a bit frustratring that almost none of the suggestion in threads like this one, comes with a balanced budget caps-wise, and no, nobody will take cleary, bart, sammy and weiss just to help red wings balance their budget.
  9. Official 2014 Olympic Hockey Thread (Admin warning #316)

    Terrible. That means sweden are without their three most constructive and best players/centers.Sedin, zetterberg, backstrom.
  10. Official 2014 Olympic Hockey Thread (Admin warning #316)

    Good to see sweden cruise into the final without having to go 110%. Well done since they miss two of the best centers in the world, due to injuries. Is it just me, or did some of the finns look like divers?
  11. International Hockey Rivalries.

    Clearly you and many others are to young to have seen the bouts between cccp-cssr after prague spring of 68.
  12. Official 2014 Olympic Hockey Thread (Admin warning #316)

    Edlers been looking really good since he joined team sweden. Wings should get him.
  13. Official 2014 Olympic Hockey Thread (Admin warning #316)

    Sofar... The good: Norway and slovenia looked way better then expected. (granted the slovs jerseys are terrible and making out the numbers are impossible.) The bad: Zetterberg and dats are badly dented. The russian own zone coverage and defense, looks as organized and solid as a bunch of lemmings in a burning building. D.sedin looks as lost as hes done over the last two months with the nucks. The ugly: Getzlaf continues his international career of kneeing. Nichuskin continues to run into goalies.
  14. Franzen for edler?

    Absolutely. This is a trade that would work out both ways. Most suggestions i see on theese forums are in the vincinity of Quincy for weber wich ofc is just waisting readers time.