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  1. damn vanek has been pretty good these first 3 games. And everyone just admit Helm has been stellar this game
  2. how the f*** does sheahan get a roughing out of that? thats bulls***
  3. Signed

    would nyquist fetch trouba or shattenkirk? I dont think so
  4. how much cap space do we have after helm and Nielsen?
  5. i like the mcginn option
  6. it wouldnt be bad if it was short term cause of the cap space we have. but llike you said he would probably rather have term over money, i do think okposo would help alot though
  7. sorry but stamkos makes 8.5. okposo doesnt get 8
  8. think we even have a chance at okposo?
  9. thank you! i personally hope we go after okposo
  10. what were his comments? i havent heard anything
  11. gotta go with okposo even though i say it wont happen. hes always been one of my non red wing favorites
  12. Im hoping either Abby, Larkin or DeKeyser
  13. GDT

    what a game for Datsyuk's last home game
  14. GDT

    pains me to say it but what is wrong with Z?
  15. minny vs colorado in my backyard