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  1. Trade

    Read my previous posts, we have a lot of centers some of them are hurt we had player inside organization that can come up and play middle for a few weeks, instead we gave up part of our future and gifted the preds
  2. Trade

    lol if you would reject the trade Holland offer end you'd be called awful names... Think about it.....
  3. Trade

    Exactly nyqvististhefuture... Are there limitations to how many likes I can give?
  4. Trade

    I'm sorry if I offended him y saying what he was saying is bs.... We have a lot of centers on our team the problem is most of them are hurt.... There were plugins within the team.... LIKE THE ONE WE TRADED FOR MINIMAL USE RENTAL
  5. Trade

    see this is you talking as a preds fan.... Sure send him (s***) to Detroit his best days are behind him. Idgaf that he waived his ntc, he's trash and shoulda stayed where he belongs cuz 100% he don't belong in a wing jersey... f*** Holland really blessed your team, why do u make it seem like this trade was even 60-40 fair???
  6. Trade

    Okay but I rather pay vanek 5-7 mill than pay leg wand 3.5-4.5 mill...
  7. Trade

    at least you know it in your heart
  8. Trade

    Lol he added some bs, salt to the wounds, he himself knows he's saying bs.... And like other said the trades that happened today, WE COMPLETELY OVERPAID for an aging mediocre 2nd at best likely 3rd liner... Holland just patched up and gave away part of our future and blessed Nashville
  9. Trade

    To give away a promising center in exchange for an aging center who provides no exceptional scoring, we coulda called up Jarnkrok and see what he'd
  10. Trade

    why are you here spewing bs? Honestly.... The preds and polie knows their the winners of the deal... Nashville fans who want legwand either don't know hockey or got attached to their mediocre 1st line center... They got way more back from the wings than anyone else would CONSIDER offering.... Unless they were a cup contender need a veteran 2nd/3rd liner...
  11. Trade

    @eurotwins read what @redcrazy wrote
  12. Trade

    No your just narrow minded looking st how this MIGHT get us into the playoffs.... If we would've clinched or something then okay... But its not even deffinite we will make playoffs and too give up a promising prospect and a pick is blasphemous
  13. Trade

    @goalieman I gave stats before look at my posts and the last 2 pages basically explain why I feel the way I do
  14. Trade

    That's wtf I'm saying..... He'll be another wash up sorry to say like cleary Bert and Weiss. All those guys best years are in the past and with the injuries in recent years they only seem to be declining and j see legwand following that same path
  15. Trade

    Because the wing way to keep prospects in minors for a few years before bringing them up....