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  1. So the list of things worse than Future's rapping is pretty much just cancer and Ebola, right? #future #sucks

  2. Texas should not be allowed on the same court as Michigan. This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this.

  3. Crystal palace is looking fantastic. Well deserved lead.

  4. Habibi Bane deserved a bubble bath after the work he put in this winter. Poor guy truly went through…

  5. An excellent article for so many reasons:

  6. Excellent half of futbol. #GoodOnUManU

  7. GAME. gtfo toronto

  8. I'm probably a little too excited about the new Godzilla movie. #IRegretNothing

  9. RT @Maryam_Beydoun: Yeahhhh! Magnetsssss bitchhhh!

  10. Best way to start a day: lebne, shai, and Manchester United/Liverpool

  11. "Mr. Vice-President, what you're asking is just shy of treason." "Just shy, which is politics" #lovethisshow #HouseOfCards #KevinSpacey

  12. RT @ESPNCBB: THIS JUST IN: According to @ESPNLunardi, Michigan has replaced Villanova as the fourth No.1 seed. #ChampWeek

  13. Dear John Beilein,do what you want with my body. Sincerely, GaGa and me

  14. RT @ShowtimeTate: Wow I'm officially a Detroit #Lion. Extremely excited about the opportunity to grow with this organization.