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  1. Juklitz

    Dominik Hasek

    Great. Can´t be worst than the current one, but at least would be funny. Still believe it´s another campaign for fox piss.
  2. Hey there. As active hockey european fan, I like that idea. Some points.. - when it´s organized by club, it sucks. Real proper atmosphere is there, when it´s fully managed by fans. No given balloons, clap hands or s*** like this. - I mean, they are also paying for it, it´s not for free, not paid by club. Actually, these choreos, flags, etc., this stuff is not very cheap and takes time and lot of effort to manage. Usually, these people organizing these things spent most of their free time with preparations etc., it´s nearly full-time hobby - which means, you need fans core, who will be maintaining these thing and these people, you won´t summon them by waving magic stick, in traditional clubs, this is nearly religious role. - in big arenas, even the best fans are not able to make proper atmosphere. Yes, you will find many highlight videos from Sweden, Switzerland etc., but if you will go there, you will find many games basically ´silent´ - which means - these big arenas with sofas, jumbotrons etc., this is killing atmosphere, because you need enormous effort to get on this level there. You will find, that the best atmosphere is on old fashioned stadions for couple thousand people. It´s very simple, sound conditions are way better. For example, stadium for 4-5k people need like 1000 active supporters to have some real level. You know, I can remember, last year I was to Milano, italian football fans are considered to be one of the best in Europe. Stadium was full, 60k fans. Most of them very loudy and active. But I was not able to hear them from the other side. - it brings many issues. As mentioned, real atmosphere should be out of club control. Which brings many issues - lot of drunk agressive retards, very vulgar chants etc. But that´s the price. Anyway, hools culture is in Europe mostly connected to football, not hockey. Modern hockey is spreading aroung the Europe, I don´t like it. I want to go to hockey match, have a beer, stand there in cold air, take some booze, go for a sausage. Have a good times with friends, chant as loud as it´s possible, see away sector crying. No stupid cheerleaders, mascots in retarded suits, no advices what can and what I can´t do from some green-suited iq60 simpleton.
  3. Juklitz


    I´d expect something more from article called "How ..." than simplified history review for dummies.
  4. Juklitz

    10/4 GDT - Red Wings vs Blue Jackets - 7:30 PM EST

    LGRW!!! @all: have a nice season...
  5. Juklitz

    Dominik Hasek

    If it´s fox piss, then it´s BIO.
  6. Juklitz

    Dominik Hasek

    Did you ever hear of his Smarty drinks? He has probably worst marketing campaign ever. Source of good memes czech internets... (turn subtitles on and set up automatic translation to eng.)
  7. Juklitz


  8. Juklitz

    German League Reinstituting Relegation

    Benefit of player development in better conditions. It´s very common.
  9. Juklitz

    German League Reinstituting Relegation

    No, it doesn´t work. This logic is cascaded on national levels as well, as derblaueClaus mentioned above. Every single national soccer league is working the same - you´ve got like 2-3 teams who are in the mix (and that´s the good scenario), the rest is just to have schedule filled. What´s the league about, where 80% of teams would like to play safety mid.
  10. Juklitz

    German League Reinstituting Relegation

    What is unseen, that cap space in NHL is making whole league more competetive, comparing with UEFA Championship League. I´m not watching this anymore, it´s like Real, Barca, Chelsea? Will ManC make it finally? What a drama to watch. These clubs can easily overpay every single offer in the whole Europe, one can say this is interesting, ok, but it´s like NHL after 2000, with only couple clubs were able to sign multiple top contracts. And that difference between each others budget, is in soccer way, way wider.
  11. Juklitz

    Wings Get Filip Zadina! (HYPE! Thread)

    Czech audience already hyped
  12. Juklitz

    Rumors Thread

    Funny fact is, that the same could be said about Arizona. They will sign him for 8.25per and he will be 30+ once they (if / maybe) make p-o (and no, I don´t trust them). This is why I believe Sens should trade EK. I do get why to keep such a player, but in the other hand, Arizona can point on random A++ player in the league and ask to bundle him with another A grade prospect plus 1st round. Win win, they will get their reward in 4-5 years when they will be in real(!) mix and contender could get top D in his best. At least this is what makes sense for me.
  13. Juklitz

    Red Wings Sign Slovak G Patrik Rybar to Entry Level Contract

    In the meantime, Machovsky is back in CZ and is pretty ...eh... about Red Wings approach. Saying they didn´t count with him from the beginning and ruined one year of his career.
  14. Juklitz

    Red Wings Sign Slovak G Patrik Rybar to Entry Level Contract

    As I´ve already mentioned, he was top 3 goalie of czech Extraliga last year in cup contender team, had excellent numbers. BUT in the other hand, Wings has terrible record recently with czecho-slovakian players. But I believe he´s way better choice than Avs made with Pavel Francouz.
  15. Juklitz

    Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Top 3 goalie in czech league last year, but doesn´t count. Suprised he agreed with Wings, while RW has recently BAD record with czecho-slovakian players. Anyway, Sulak and Hronek had very good WC.