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  1. I hope it´s true, we need some real top Sergachev/Theodore/Sanheim-like D prospect. And these are expensive.
  2. I´ve got your point and admit edit was not fair, I believe we´re on the same page at the end of the day.. (reason why I quoted just that part is that I don´t like people (it´s not you in your quote) underestimating Hossa and his role because he´s not that first page guy).
  3. Yes, now his NHL rights belong to VGK. But he signed two year extension in KHL through 17/18 hence must stay there. Same case like with Sobotka who announced return to StL last year, but actually returned this year after KHL season end.
  4. ..needs to stay in KHL for next season, btw
  5. Long time considered to be one of the best 2-way forwards of couple last decades.
  6. As per the last czech interview - yes, he´s living there. His sons: http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=283908 http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=283907
  7. You´re right, it´s not bad, but not enough for real top guy. Enough to get Sanheim (without pick) from Phila, but not Theodore from Vegas who don´t have backlog yet.
  8. No way Vegas will let him go, unless we´re able to setup some real pack.
  9. Hope you´re right, better than XO and I still believe Mraz could get some value sooner or later.
  10. Rumors saying MAF will be claimed from Pens with pick, Garrison from Bolts, Theodore + pick to protect Vatanen/Manson, Haula for not taking Dumba/Scandella. Maybe more to come. I expected them to have solid D squad, but looks like they´ve found Ds as a most valuable negotation chip to obtain some prospects/drafts. It´s obvious, backup goalie market is not that tight. Hence - with MAF in their hand - sounds to me we should expect maybe XO claimed by Vegas with little bit higher probability. What will be fail for Holland, loosing another promising guy with non-wanted Mrazek staying. Why not send them 3rd rounder them for taking Sheahan?
  11. Turned to hH (hate Holland) threads quickly. But everyone saw it coming obviously. Yes. And to negotiate trade scenarios. McPhee won´t pick Mrazek just because he can (he has Fleury and some other cheaper options), he must have some real proposal from another team. AND there it goes: why should, let´s say, Arizona or Flyers ´trade´ with Vegas for Mrazek? They could call directly do Holland telling him they have some proposal with LV to re-trade Mrazek and if maybe Holland could make direct trade two days later to don´t let go Petr for free and Ari/Phi get better price than with Vegas. Vegas situation is quite tricky at the end.. Picking just for obtaining trade chips could slide their trading value leaving Vegas with pack of unwanted players and if we´re speaking about 2Gs, then there´s absolute no need to hurry, teams could wait to TDL easy. I don´t believe there´s no plan behind leaving Mrazek unprotected, that was too no-brainer even for Holland. Dallas need to get rid of Lehtonen and they´re open to trade their 3rd OA. I don´t believe Petr will go for free if he´s going somewhere. If yes then facepalm, proper owner would kick him instantly in that case.
  12. Mrazek will be picked by VG, clear as a hell. Jimmy wouldn´t have any bigger trade value Mrazek has.
  13. Tampa has already good offensive setup with some very nice looking guys down there in x-HLs, hence loosing such a gem in Drouin for real top defensive project (what thery are looking for) is ´high risk, but high potential of top reward´ . Not speaking about Sergachev is exempt from ED and has two more years on elc. There´s not a lot of teams who actually could risk such a move, but Bolts are in this group.
  14. His year in Brno (coached by Zabransky, btw) was quite good, don´t look on numbers only. Brno won czech cup, it was pretty tough for him to compete for higher ice time. (Necas asist.) ..hope videos working fine
  15. Few shots from Tatar... Q: Surgery was postponed for a long time.. T: Yes, it was. I was struggling a lot. I was able to play, but wasn´t very comfortable. I was not able to my job on the ice. Surgery was obviously needed. Hopefully I decided to go for surgery right after season´s end. I was not sure if I can finish the season. I´ve found physiotherapist there in Detroit and he saved the rest of the season, fixing my shoulder. ... Q: Last season was really bad for Wings, no p-o after 25 years. Next one should be better, right? T: Sure. Last one was pretty bad, everybody pretty sad about that, fans as well. Everything has it´s end. We didn´t want it that way, but injuries together with bad form.. one thing together with another ones and we didn´t make it. Q:. Still solving the contract with Detroit? T: Yes, still working on it, obviously we have plenty of time. First priority is draft, then expansion draft for Las Vegas. Our GM Holland has hard days right now. My contract isn´t priority at the moment. Yes, well, I´d like to solve it out, for sure, but I´m patient, don´t want to hurry. Both sides need something, me as well. Q: GM Holland had some good words on you during WC2017. Do you expect smooth negotiation? T: I don´t expect major roadblocks. For sure I don´t want to go under some price, as well as Holland doesn´t want to overpaid. But it´s common. I´ve got good relationship with Kenny and it should be fine. + 2 more questions about his rehabs, but not interesting. Way different approach and answers like last time, obviously he knows he has limited value with his shoulder at the moment.