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  1. Rumors Thread

    Funny fact is, that the same could be said about Arizona. They will sign him for 8.25per and he will be 30+ once they (if / maybe) make p-o (and no, I don´t trust them). This is why I believe Sens should trade EK. I do get why to keep such a player, but in the other hand, Arizona can point on random A++ player in the league and ask to bundle him with another A grade prospect plus 1st round. Win win, they will get their reward in 4-5 years when they will be in real(!) mix and contender could get top D in his best. At least this is what makes sense for me.
  2. Red Wings Sign Slovak G Patrik Rybar to Entry Level Contract

    In the meantime, Machovsky is back in CZ and is pretty ...eh... about Red Wings approach. Saying they didn´t count with him from the beginning and ruined one year of his career.
  3. Red Wings Sign Slovak G Patrik Rybar to Entry Level Contract

    As I´ve already mentioned, he was top 3 goalie of czech Extraliga last year in cup contender team, had excellent numbers. BUT in the other hand, Wings has terrible record recently with czecho-slovakian players. But I believe he´s way better choice than Avs made with Pavel Francouz.
  4. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Top 3 goalie in czech league last year, but doesn´t count. Suprised he agreed with Wings, while RW has recently BAD record with czecho-slovakian players. Anyway, Sulak and Hronek had very good WC.
  5. Wings Sign Free Agent Goalie Matej Machovsky

    This one was obvious, he didn´t want to stay overseas... Funny/interesting fact - he signed contract with Sparta Prague, who just acquired Uwe Krupp as a head coach.
  6. All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    https://hokej.idnes.cz/filip-hronek-ahl-grand-rapids-detroit-red-wings-all-star-pj4-/nhl.aspx?c=A180424_141241_nhl_elv Czech interview with Hronek..nothing special. Wanna transl? Just said that Sulak was hit with puck in his mouth and is injured.
  7. Question for KRS

    Yes, he did, lol. Funny fact is, that lot of czech people don´t like Red Wings just because of the number of young czech ´destroyed´ by THE process. ... Tatar is Slovak, not Czech.
  8. It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    Nashville. I like them for some reason, years of tough work, no bitching around their stars (which they don´t have). Funny every time they have a game with Red Wings, I´m asking myself if this team is rly contending. Then I recall last year p-o performance and yes, this team has the_balls, no matter some people keep underrating this squad. I don´t trust Pens this year, their Crosby-Malkin-Kessel combo is deadly and can do some magic, but I can´t see them on the same pace as last year.
  9. Brenden Smith placed on waivers ON HIS BDAY. LOL

    Mrazek is not what concerns majority of Flyers fan right now. That Haks is able to bench Ghost in OT. He´s playing usually Lehtera istead of Patrick on PP (and he put him on PP against NYI and guess what?), organisation does prefer Hagg over Sanheim.
  10. Wings Recall Hicketts

    When he can be bottom pair guy? Now? For sure he can. Maybe mid-pair, I can imagine him playing mid-pair right now. In some bright future version of Red Wings? I´m really not sure. Fact he´s over XO now doesn´t mean he´s proper bottom pairing guy for a team which maximum is more than ´to be in the mix´. I just don´t know it and current roster is missing these comparables. Knowing recent history of D youngsters we have - yes, I have doubts. But that´s nothing against Hicketts, I like him and yes, I hope he proves me wrong.
  11. Wings Recall Hicketts

    It´s fine to give Hicketts some shots. Next year he´s going to compete for a spot together with Hronek, Cholo, maybe Sulak and maybe other guys, guess he´s going to be on shorter side of the leash. Yeah, he´s fine, but have serious doubts about his ceiling. Don´t forget next year is last one for Kroner, XO and also Jensen, so 18/19 will be interesting season to see who really wants to make NHL.
  12. Standings, the good the bad and the ugly

  13. Both Elliot and Neuvirth out for the season, I´ve heard.
  14. https://hokej.idnes.cz/matej-machovsky-ahl-echl-grand-rapids-petr-mrazek-fb7-/nhl.aspx?c=A180309_120958_nhl_elv Hereby quite honest "interesting interview" with current GR Machovsky.. Not even sure if you are interested in translation, but... ok, let´s try. - "I was told I´m not going to make AHL, while goalies there are well paid there. I didn´t really expect this is NHL organization but what could you do..." - "I was signing the contract with idea of fighting for AHL starter spot. Ok, I´ve said, I have nothing to lost. Then they signed another goalie. They probably felt pity of him that nobody want him or what." - Interview was done prior to Mrazek trade. "I will finish the season here. I don´t have intention to continue in US next yeat" - "Yes, AHL is sort of motivation for me. I believe I´m doing my best." - "I will stay if they will pay me. Otherwise I´m leaving, .. I believe I´m good enough to don´t play somewhere in some ECHL" ...funny part about his overseas experience. - If you ask some citizen here about the city, they will mention just where some fast foods are. Not really surprised about their obesity. You switch on the tv and you´ve got like nine minutes of fast food and coke commercials mostly within ten minutes . Or medicines or army. Kind of brainwashing online. Keep track with Kardashians etc., I don´t really get that..." - "Green brains. Got army all around the world and paying tribute for every single soldier guarding some beach somewhere." - But he´s also positive. "People are more friendly here. Better than in CZ. Really trying to help you." He does enjoy GR as very nice city with good cousine etc. - About his fight "I´ve been always dreaming about this. Pity that guy was just blocking me, probably understood that wouldn´t be good for him. "
  15. Spoke to some Flyers fans, saying that game was awful from their side overall.