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  1. Rumors Thread

    Wow, I was guessing if there´s some phrase and look what google did. Yes, it´s quite common phrase there.
  2. Rumors Thread

    Yes, my reaction was the same. For me it´s even more interesting that Adler (who said that) is really known for not sharing rumors and I don´t actually trust he just guessed out of nothing.
  3. Rumors Thread

    It was Petr Adler, former Edmonton Journal writer. Source : https://sport.aktuality.sk/c/315099/deravi-brankari-ostrovanov-buducnost-halaka-v-nhl-je-sporna/ It´s in slovak, hence not sure if helpfull, but it´s an arcicle about future of Slovak goalies in NHL. There´s is Adler quoted in one part sayin: „Je predčasné robiť závery, no v Detroite už teraz cvrlikajú vrabce na strechách, že brankár „červených krídel“ Jimmy Howard má už takmer namierené do New Yorku a práve výmenou za Haláka. Howard má 33 rokov, Halák 32, obaja sú svojím spôsobom dobrí a obaja budú po skončení sezóny neobmedzene voľnými hráčmi,” hodnotí pre ŠPORT.SK renomovaný kanadský expert na NHL Peter Adler. "It´s still too soon, but there are already voices whispering in Detroit, that Red Wings Jimmy Howard is almost done to move to NY for Halak. Howard is 33, Halak 32, both somehow good, both ufa after season ".. (which is actually not true, Howard is ufa in 2019).
  4. Rumors Thread

    I´ve heard rumor saying Howard is on to move to Islanders. Normally, I wouldn´t even bother, more while it came from czech journalist. But that journalist is long term t with excelent connections and knowledge about NHL background.
  5. World Juniors

    Well.. got to follow the process in third...
  6. World Juniors

    That´s not a surprise, ´northern´ movies are unique. Girl.. is originally swedish novel and only swedish/scandinavians are able to capture it´s intended atmosphere. Anyway congrats to Can fans, .. well, at least Zadina 2G, I´m really curious about his position on upcomming draft. Let´s have a bronze.
  7. 12/19 GDT - Red Wings @ Islanders - 7:00 PM EST

    His stats are fixed now, he´s +4 in for that game. +4, four hits, two blocks, two shots,23:50 toi, 3:20 on pk .. and what a beauty pass of Frk´s goal.
  8. Do you know Yes, Prime Minister series? I can barely remember Sir Humphrey´s quote: "If you don´t wont to bother yourself with some topic, put it as a name." (or somehow like that). In this case, more and more Blashill is speaking about some process, less and less I do trust he has some idea what does it mean". I believe, best coaches are not speaking about some general processes, they are doing it.
  9. Let´s get some swedish positive power..
  10. Rumors Thread

    Would be funny olympics choose something what looks like iron cross.
  11. Salary Cap to Rise at least 3 Million

    Is this actually good news for us? I believe cap issue is one of the very few reasons Holland to wake up.
  12. Her husband is Russian. He´s just living in Slovakia. Representing Israel.
  13. Actually, couple olympionics already did. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anastasiya_Kuzmina ...it´s not that rare, in this case of Kuzmina (now Kuzminova), she moved to Slovakia with her russian husdand (Kuzmin), who actually represented Israel. In Sochi, there were 25 such cases. Mostly due to the maximum limits of members of country representation, while countries like Russia, Norway, Austria, they could easily send dozen of olympionics, but regulation is to send like three of them. It´s also quite common in soccer, naturalized players could make a choice of country they want to represent (at least in UEFA), only limit is, that they can represent only one country in senior teams. Typically africans do so. I don´t know if mentioned soccer limitation is applied to ice-hockey, but actually, Petr Neved was playing for Canada team on 94 in Lillehammer, two years later playing for Czech in World cup and later then in Sochi 2014 olympics. Not all countries have the same strict rules of becoming a citizen like USA.
  14. [TRADE] Scott Wilson to the Buffalo Sabres

    Hope because small Bert
  15. Sheahan and a 5th for Wilson and a 3rd

    ..and Wilson for 5th 2019 to Buffalo. Meh.. gonna call up somebody or what?