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  1. Standings, the good the bad and the ugly

  2. Both Elliot and Neuvirth out for the season, I´ve heard.
  3. https://hokej.idnes.cz/matej-machovsky-ahl-echl-grand-rapids-petr-mrazek-fb7-/nhl.aspx?c=A180309_120958_nhl_elv Hereby quite honest "interesting interview" with current GR Machovsky.. Not even sure if you are interested in translation, but... ok, let´s try. - "I was told I´m not going to make AHL, while goalies there are well paid there. I didn´t really expect this is NHL organization but what could you do..." - "I was signing the contract with idea of fighting for AHL starter spot. Ok, I´ve said, I have nothing to lost. Then they signed another goalie. They probably felt pity of him that nobody want him or what." - Interview was done prior to Mrazek trade. "I will finish the season here. I don´t have intention to continue in US next yeat" - "Yes, AHL is sort of motivation for me. I believe I´m doing my best." - "I will stay if they will pay me. Otherwise I´m leaving, .. I believe I´m good enough to don´t play somewhere in some ECHL" ...funny part about his overseas experience. - If you ask some citizen here about the city, they will mention just where some fast foods are. Not really surprised about their obesity. You switch on the tv and you´ve got like nine minutes of fast food and coke commercials mostly within ten minutes . Or medicines or army. Kind of brainwashing online. Keep track with Kardashians etc., I don´t really get that..." - "Green brains. Got army all around the world and paying tribute for every single soldier guarding some beach somewhere." - But he´s also positive. "People are more friendly here. Better than in CZ. Really trying to help you." He does enjoy GR as very nice city with good cousine etc. - About his fight "I´ve been always dreaming about this. Pity that guy was just blocking me, probably understood that wouldn´t be good for him. "
  4. Spoke to some Flyers fans, saying that game was awful from their side overall.
  5. Wings Interested In Resigning Green

    Holland saying he´s looking to 20/21 with deep dive, I´d expect 4M/3Y..
  6. Mrazek is maybe the biggest TDL steal. Looking forward what Flyers are going to do with him during the post-season. Maybe they can just trade him as RFA.
  7. ++Machovsky next year maybe
  8. Rumors Thread

    Ok, this seems to be done. When is the next ´price was to low.. lot of teams are selling..it´s hard to make a move´ time?
  9. At least we can see Red Wings pads in PO. This is strange, ok..
  10. Karlsson on the move?

    ..and still recorded 1A in these four minutes.
  11. So they´re cool with renting a player for four games for 4th pick? Trololo...
  12. 1/31 GDT - Sharks @ Red Wings - 8:00 PM EST

    This is somehow I do expect this match..
  13. Cholowski playing really well

    Now has 10 assists in 9 games and +2 since joinging the Winterhawks Lol, I like this
  14. Cholowski playing really well

    Now has 8 assists in 7 games and +4 since joinging the Winterhawks
  15. Castaway (How former Wings are doing)

    Jakub Kindl is playing Czech league in HC Plzen (Pilsen). Not sure about his play, but that so-called offensive machine has combined two points (1+1) in 21 games and also other (basic or advanced) sttats are far average.