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  1. It´s told he was considering LV or Columbus.
  2. 8th D for Czech repre. during WC. Last year spent in EBEL league playing for czech Znojmo. This league is even worst than czech league, best producing D in EBEL league was Piché this year. You know that guy.
  3. Your bold selection for next year, ya?
  4. This is good reality. Somebody is going to overpaid him despite the fact he was nearly like third pairing guy for Blues with high power-play minutes. I´d love to see him on Wings PP, but not for 6-7M per.
  5. Ok ok, I admit I´m not the best hockey analyst, but.. isn´t he too old for us? Just asking.
  6. http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=56014 use that speak icon to hear proper pronounciation...
  7. Machovsky is considered to be one of the best (still) talents in czech league. Playing from Pilsen (team generally known for very good goaltending development), his numbers were quite good (over 92% with less than 2.3 average) in terms of playing for soft defending team allowing over 1300 shots during his 46 games season (they are 35 SA totally). He had couple offers from KHL, he had also another NHL offer, btw.
  8. ...as far as the most of ´european gems´ were picked in times when not a lot of teams had full-time european scouts. Nowadays, it´s impossible to pick new Lidscyukberg from 150+ OA unless you´re lucky.
  9. Dopita was a diamond, but came to NHL too late. He had no motivation to prove himself to be a good player on NHL level, while he achieved a lot at home. He was not prepared to start in 3rd line to start grinding from the scratch. Simply - his NHL overseas mission was misunderstanding and ´lost in translation´ case. He´s not the best example for this topic.
  10. How was that Russo guy? Can´t watch games right now, working currently in India timezone...
  11. .. whatever, just pray Ken won´t aim on Wideman.
  12. Don´t forget to do the simple math, like resigning Tatar for 4M AAV will take actually only 1.250M from this budget. AA, XO, Jensen will get some 2yrs bridges. Don´t count with Jurco.
  13. Well, they have Rielly, Gardiner, Marincin and Carrick already meeting exposure requirements, so this doesn´t make any sense. I was surprised that Carolina didn´t take him for exactly this reason (they have only Faulk).
  14. I like Larkin a lot. He´s driving his own squad and most of the time he´s acting like he´s playing with Hull not Helm, Shanahan not Sheahan, or Gilmour not Glendening. I don´t care about his pace, he´s showing great effort most of his (even limited) ice time, I´d say he´s going to be real top6 center in next two years. He´s bravely fighting his slump and that´s what Red Wings need.