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  1. I´d choose Green - nice cap hit, shorter term, will provide them good experienced and (trade) value.
  2. Actually won´t be, he was assigned just to minors. Zatkoff will be ready in one week. Btw, LA is 4-0-0 with Budaj.
  3. I don´t think you have to protect Abby, can´t imagine LV will take his contract. Nearly the same for Helm.
  4. What´s wrong with Sheahan? Not able to win a battle, not able to play the puck in reasonable way... 3on1 situation and pass on #15? Ward was just safe in that case.
  5. He has actually good motivation to play his best, isn´t he?
  6. Zatk-off while he´s IR now.
  7. once again, what would be the logic for Jets doing such a move? Are they budget team with need of saving some money? (I believe they are not, actually they are ok with sending Pavelec and his contract to minors). Because the rest of this move is like: - save LA´s a** with goalie situation - save LA´s a** with cap space - don´t have Pavelec - still paying Pavelec till eos - have nothing back as a reward Jets aren´t obviously desperate to move out their assets for free and obviously they are (with example in Trouba´s case) not going to be instant sellers. Could happen, but LA should send them some higher quality D what they are looking for Trouba.
  8. Actually it will be even worst if they won´t be able to trade/sign him, it´s like saying: "hey, he doesn´t want to play here, we don´t want to let him go for free and are unable to find the solution, so we´re going to act like a stupid and let him go for free later then. ", what´s imo the reason why they will trade him finally (if Trouba has some balls and won´t accept bridge).
  9. So they are paying 4.75M to Pavelec and still have him as an option (and could try to trade him during tdl), what would be the positive of paying him like 1,5-2M and have him not AND help their rivals with goalie and cap situation? Would be the way for Holland (but LA won´t take goalie with such a term). And, as we can see with Trouba´s case - Jets are [still] not desperate [enough] to make some moves.
  10. Why exactly would Jets offer retained salary? Doesn´t make sense for them to save LA´s a** and even more - pay for it.
  11. Unfair, , you should make a PREdiction, now it shouldn´t count when it´s obvious what will happen.
  12. Right, but the point is this won´t help LA with cap issue they have. Pavelec is too expensive for them, even sending him to minors won´t help.
  13. Right, six week to get this done. If it´s not done, then it´s Trouba who´s done.
  14. It does count, in a fact LTIRs are forcing Holland to fill cap space as much as possible because of relief, not giving him an option to keep some free space.
  15. Interview with Tatar in slovak news: http://hokej.pravda.sk/nhl/clanok/408210-limituje-ma-bolave-rameno-aj-pri-strelbe/ Aprox trans: Q: 1-4 at Florida? A: Have to play better, they are easily getting into chances. We have to help ourselves and shoot some goals, Mrazek was holding our point chances.... Bad start for us these two matches, making too much errors. edit: some Qs about WCH and some generic answers how it was good... Q: Back to Detroit after WCH A: Was quick return, spent only last two days on the camp with team. And we started that bad then. Q: What about your shoulder? (????? edit.) A: Still painfull, can´t shoot and reach long pucks, going to suffer for whole season. (!!!!, edit, so hope you enjoyed WCH!) Q: What new in your team? A: Lot of new guys, they have to adapt to our game system (?), as we have too.. Q: Trade? A: Heard some rumours, yes, me and Nyquist have some value.. But I don´t think our gm wanted really to trade us. But not sure.