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  1. Should be a great game! Let's go Wings! Gonna have to flip back-an-forth from the Wings and the Lions! Go Wings!!
  2. Let's go Wings!
  3. What? What are you talking about?
  4. Missed the game due to working, which is s***ty. Glad to see we got the win though. A little off topic: Anyone watching the Calgary/Dallas game on CBC? Pretty evenly played game. Tied 0-0 in the 2nd, with good end-to-end action!
  5. Lil Wyte - Smoke My Dro
  6. Oh, and one more for the hell of it since I'm bored as hell!
  7. Here's a semi-recent picture of has grown a little bit, but for the most part, this is what I look like, hahah
  8. Lil Wayne - Pop Bottles.
  9. I realize that nobody made me click this thread, but take a minute and look at when you joined, and when I joined. I've seen these threads a half a million times. It's been discussed. I took a break then came back and then I just thought it was funny that this was still a discussion, that's all. Once again, I'm standing by my original post -- there's still some hockey to be played. When the playoffs roll around, Babcock will most likely ride the hotter goaltender. I have confidence in both of them, so really, I don't care who starts.
  10. Is it too late for me to start doing this? I haven't been on these boards in a minute. Am I able to join in?
  11. Glad to hear he won't be out as long as I thought. It looked pretty bad when he went down and I thought forsure he'd be out for a lot longer. Hope he will be back in 7 days, but you don't want to rush it and have him get re-injured and then have it be worse.
  12. Well, that ends this whole discussion. Lol! No worries folks, Tootoo will be in Nashville for a little while longer.
  13. I can't believe I took a break from the boards for quite some time and we STILL got the classic "goalie battle" going on. There's still the second half of the season to be played, so why argue who should be the starter come playoff time? I like both of our goaltenders. I'm sure when it comes closer to playoffs, Babcock will go with whoever is playing better at the time.
  14. Ouch. Got to hope it's nothing too serious. Hope he'll return to the ice sooner rather than later.