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  1. While the extension of the streak is admirable alone- I agree with most..you find a way in the 1st round and then the rest is a crap shoot. And we have a punchers chance. Blash can really make or break his detractors here. All starts with finding a way to steal one in Tampa. Wow this is a 180 of what we thought. Jimmy going in and desperate pleas for AA and Mantha to see more minutes!?! Goes to show. Having been along for the ride for all 25- I'd say...just let it play out. We COULD do some things in this postseason.
  2. GDT

    2 goal game ISNT insurmountable. Sorry.
  3. GDT

    Even if it's of zero indication on scoreboard...I'd like to see better 5 on 5 play in 2nd. Put some shifts together. Even a 2 goal game heading into 3rd is surmountable. But we need to start opening it up a bit w speed here in next frame.
  4. GDT

    This would be especially sweet given my general disdain for brad Marchand and New England hockey fan in general. Can hear crowd now "Come onnn boys, Detroit has no faackin shottt." Let's send these tools to the first tee box tonight. Win we're in!!!
  5. GDT

    A LOT of heart in the 2nd gang. Now close THIS OUT!!!
  6. GDT

    It was almost prophetic. Thx for provin me right boys!! This ends 5-2 wings btw.
  7. GDT

    Flood gates. I just have this feeling. We'll tie this shortly and take lead even quicker. Everything went wrong early and now here we go
  8. Building VERY quiet
  9. GDT

    This game more than any other in the last 10-15 has made me realize the need to look past my leanings of last 5 years and realize what we have. So broken down by 3 players/plays to reinforce youth movement. 1. Petr wins this game. Timely stops. Jimmy doesn't. That's easy enough. 2. Danny D better on both ends so far this year than kroner and he scores confident goal tonight, 55 wouldn't have gotten that tally. 3. Larkin again in mix and an assist. He's our best forward. No doubt in my mind. Dats 3 years ago backchecks with another step and finds a way with the extended stick to break up isles 2nd goal. Didn't happen. Love pasha, love kroner, wish jimmy the best. But tonight reminded me- it's a new crop that's gonna win in postseason.
  10. GDT

    Will be in building. For west coast wings fans- O'flahertys off San Carlos tends to be the pregame spot where you'll see most friendly faces. But we travel well here so you really can't go wrong. On a personal note- this is my 16th consecutive game at SAP center when det is in town- dating back to conference change and of course the back to back years in playoffs against these guys. Seen far too many losses- Christ i broke my index finger slamming my fist after Benn Ferriero's ot goal in 2011 I believe- but we won last year on glenny's backhander and i feel good bout tonight. Go wings!!
  11. Well- a couple things. 1. Wings needed to steal one- that's what they did. Great job petr!!! 2. How bout glenny? Not just the backhand shorty- balls effort all night. What a workhorse. 3. I actually thought- and it won't get talked bout much- that two dark horse players really competed well tonight. Ferraro and Jurco. Pavs will be the offensive hero as he should- but nice effort outta those two. On to game 2. Have a beer boys and girls.
  12. gdt

    Not one of ur better decisions z.
  13. gdt

    Not one of ur better decisions z.
  14. gdt

    Not much to say. Nervous like everyone else. Part of me really wishes monster was good to go as id go with him over mrazek or jimmy. Need to steal one in Tampa. Would love to do it tonight.