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  1. Now I want to be Pekka Rinne's conscience "...Go to the Red Wings..." 2016 'if you build it he will come'.. lol or Craig Anderson
  2. ^Definitely.. I got tunnel vision right as he started to let it go. I wish I could've been his conscience for about 1 second and say "look there! another 250 degrees of possible space to play the puck and not turn it over..
  3. If you want to compare statistics... Why is howard a top 30 goaltender in wins for the regular season this year but not even on the board in GAA or save percentage? Answer: the rest of the team picks up his slack and I'm not saying he's not a good (average) goalie.. I'm saying he's too inconsistent
  4. Either Thomas or Brodeur and make Howard compete for his position (I'm on a Howard hate-a-thon tonight haah) It'd be cool to see Miller come over but I doubt it. Vancouvers got the Sedins and Dallas has the Benns, why not the Millers? 0_o
  5. Getting rid of Mantha would just be idiotic.. Lighten up the load with Bert, Cleary, and Samuelsson and either trade Howard or bring someone in who isn't a overrated backup.. Then maybe the D won't have 'here we go again' in the back of their minds when they're supposed to be focusing on the task at hand..
  6. ^Wish I could say this^ Anytime I start to change my tune and give Howard the benefit of the doubt.. . . . Thump .. . . (that was the sound of a ball dropping) Somethings gotta give..