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  1. Howard = Average

    Now I want to be Pekka Rinne's conscience "...Go to the Red Wings..." 2016 'if you build it he will come'.. lol or Craig Anderson
  2. Howard = Average

    ^Definitely.. I got tunnel vision right as he started to let it go. I wish I could've been his conscience for about 1 second and say "look there! another 250 degrees of possible space to play the puck and not turn it over..
  3. Howard = Average

    If you want to compare statistics... Why is howard a top 30 goaltender in wins for the regular season this year but not even on the board in GAA or save percentage? Answer: the rest of the team picks up his slack and I'm not saying he's not a good (average) goalie.. I'm saying he's too inconsistent
  4. Michigan boys hitting the market 2014-15 season.

    Either Thomas or Brodeur and make Howard compete for his position (I'm on a Howard hate-a-thon tonight haah) It'd be cool to see Miller come over but I doubt it. Vancouvers got the Sedins and Dallas has the Benns, why not the Millers? 0_o
  5. 2014 draft thoughts.

    Getting rid of Mantha would just be idiotic.. Lighten up the load with Bert, Cleary, and Samuelsson and either trade Howard or bring someone in who isn't a overrated backup.. Then maybe the D won't have 'here we go again' in the back of their minds when they're supposed to be focusing on the task at hand..
  6. Howard = Average

    ^Wish I could say this^ Anytime I start to change my tune and give Howard the benefit of the doubt.. . . . Thump .. . . (that was the sound of a ball dropping) Somethings gotta give..