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  1. Mantha getting closer.

    Lol.. I would assume his primary language is French so that shouldn't come as much of a shock
  2. Greatest Wings game ever

    I just watched the 96 Wings Fedorov 5 goal game on NHL network the other day. The Russian five had that amazing highlight real bing bang cycle play you see on all the highlights of them. I pretty much love any game from that era. Does anybody know where I can buy DVDs of the 96-98 team? Maybe like the playoff runs or something. I know I can find them online but I want them to keep
  3. Wings to have face to face with Matt Niskanen

    Ill take Yandle. Detroit 1st, choice of Sproul or Quellett and maybe a none roster forward prospect like Pulkinnen. I think thats reasonable given Yandle has only 2 seasons on his contract. Niskanen looked really goos to me this year but Yandle is same age and been doing it for years. It could really hinder our options and future signing him to an overpriced 7 year contract.
  4. Redwings great R/H D men.............?

    Euro_twins every post I have ever read of yours is just rediculous. The amount of money they make per year means nothing, why would you even try to angle something so stupid into your post? Niskanen will get paid more than he is worth but 6 or 7 million lets get serious... He is certainly a desirable D to add to your roster but nobody is going to pay him number one money. I expect around 4.5-5 million.
  5. Will Mantha join GR after the QMJHL playoffs?

    Umm yeah he can. Unless Babcock or Holland have no idea what they are talking about. Just last week they said he will be if Grand Rapids is still playing
  6. So what do we have to trade?

    You guys are claiming that we need a puck moving defense-men, which obviously is accurate.... But a lot of you guys are willing to part with are most mobile offensive defense-men on our roster in Smith? How does this make any sense? Smith is one of the best skaters on our entire roster including forwards. The only D that we have that was able to skate the puck up ice and break entry into the O-zone against Boston was Smith. He did it often with a very high success rate that likely the only person on our roster better in that aspect was Datsyuk. Smith was absolutely phenomenal in the playoffs. I honestly question whether any of you guys actually pay attention to the games while you have it playing on your Tv screen. Smith has very high trade value, much higher than Tatar, Jurco, Sheahan, and Helm. It's for a good reason, because any team would kill to pick up an upcoming D of his caliber. Smith played with Kronwall on the top pairing the majority of the playoffs. a number two or three D is what Smith is to this team right now. He does nothing but progress and has shown no signs of slowing down. Period. You do NOT trade a guy that does nothing but improve and has the talent that he does. No team will give up a young and upcoming D and we won't part with him. The only available D are the ones who are UFA's. If you want to trade for a good D you better be ready to give up way more than any of you guys are putting on the table. Almost every team in the league needs a good D. Most of the top teams have great forwards and are lite on D. Teams who are able to give up more firepower up front in return for a D than us. If we make a trade for a D it is a vet has been 3rd D who is likely more of a 4th man than anything at this point of his career. No thanks, Kronwall, Smith, Ericcson, DeKeyser, with quickly upcoming Sproul and Quellet is the answer. As far as forwards... Why do you think Babcocks out watching Mantha's game? Because they have hope that this kid could make our roster out of camp and make an impact by at least the time playoffs role around. They are trying to determine if bringing in Mantha is a fees-able option before the draft and free agency hits. Because if hes not they will be trying to bring in a Forward. That's what is going on right now. Our right handed D you guys have been hearing Holland talk about past few days is in Grand Rapids right now.