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  1. I missed the game yesterday. How did Nosek do?
  2. GDT

    Thank you Ericsson for finally using your size!
  3. Yeah thanks. Was getting ahead of myself.
  4. I think it was understandable that we were upset with the .500 start but when you think about it, the Red wings under Babcock had plenty of stretches where they went .500. This one just happened to be at the start of the season. It's great that we were able to finally adjust to the slight change in system and hopefully this streak continues tonight.
  5. Does anyone know if they have a hoodie with the stadium series design? I've looked but can't find one but think it'd be awesome
  6. Franzen is in a similar situation to Jahvid Best a few years ago. At least nfl teams were smart enough to keep him from playing more.
  7. I'm just curious what Illitch thinks of ask this. A lot of his money is being given to a guy for essentially nothing in on over production
  8. I'm hoping that if ads start being put on jerseys that jersey sales will go down enough to make them change back
  9. Why are there ads now?
  10. SHEAHAN!
  11. Montreal probably wants a new coach and are hoping Semin will make him quit.
  12. We already have too many forwards unless we make a trade or two
  13. Signed

    I really would hate to see us keep Anderson instead of somebody not named Cleary
  14. It's weird because UFAs were given relatively reasonable contracts whereas RFAs are getting ridiculous money. Nyquist better not have taken note.
  15. Yeah him and O'Reilly got a lot of money. I hope for their gms sake that it becomes a bargain in a couple of years