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  1. We are a very competitive fantasy hockey league with 18 teams situated across North America. We need a Wings fan to round out our roster of GMs. After being around for over a decade, our league is transitioning from a partial keeper to a full keeper league. We want to make sure the new GM we recruit is committed, savvy, and has a strong interest in prospects. The league costs $50 per year, but there are numerous prizes each season beyond the big cup prize. The league is highly entertaining, and quite active. We seek to have fun, but also take fantasy hockey seriously. We try to recreate the experience of being an NHL GM as best we can. If you are interested please send us some info about your interest in fantasy hockey, your location, and how many other teams you are a part of (if any). Either PM me or just respond to this thread. We will send you more info back as well. Cheers!
  2. Bobrovskiing

    2014 draft thoughts.

    Sabres have locked up a top 2 pick- they have their pick and the Islanders...