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  1. anybody have a link to a stream?
  2. you think i can get a copy of that game too. sucks living in the west coast w/ no center ice
  3. not kissing the glove, they're just taking out their mouthguards. although it seems like mostly swedes do this, franzen, zetterberg, floppa
  4. 1998 (Nike) SHANAHAN White w/ SCF & Believe SM-VK patch 2002 (Koho) YZERMAN Red w/ SCF patch
  5. ^ me neither. and why am i still up?? its 5:40 in the morning
  6. REAL MADRID v. FC BARCELONA football <-- thats right! not that 'soccer' this is one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports. its more than just players hating each other. theres all this political issues behind it. i was watching a documentary of it.... WOW