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    Red Wings acquire Marek Zidlicky from NJ for Cond. 2016 3rd Round Pick

    I like the two moves they got considerably better for this years playoff run and all they really traded was things that they already have too many of; non-NHL ready prospects (not top 5 picks that will get you guys like Jack Eickel ready to hit the NHL right away) that are still a couple of years away from making the NHL roster/draft picks that probably won't net NHL ready players so that would be the same thing. Detroit didn't give away any prospects that are already showing NHL potential (Nyquist, Tatar) OR their elite prospects Larkin, Mantha etc. The ones they did probably weren't going to see the NHL ice for years and at best would've been 4th liners probably. Detroit was headed towards having so many prospects they eventually couldn't have roster spots/salary cap for all of them so it makes sense to trade them for short term gains rather than risk losing them down the road (still would've been nice if Detroit had managed to pool a bunch of their bottom prospects, like the two they gave for Cole and a couple high picks for a top 4 D man but realistically the team would've still run into salary issues I think either next year or year after a bunch of guys need to be resigned). True they didn't get any long term fixes but those are just too expensive in the current free agent market. I still wouldn't mind seeing if they could package a guy like Jurco or Andersson if they could get a team to buy high on one of their young players that isn't developing as fast as Nyquist and Tatar. Or trade one of their goalies (Gus if they don't plan on bringing him back next year or Howard)
  3. hockeybrianboy

    Mrazek has been lights out in Grand Rapids

    I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else mention it other than Mr. Rox. Trade Gus as a rental before next year when he becomes UFA (heck you could even resign him in the offseason). Try and package a draft pick with him if someone really needs a goalie and get a top 4 D man(it would be nice if a playoff teams star goalie went down with injury and forced them to get a decent goalie unfortunately I'm not sure any playoff team really needs one at the moment)
  4. hockeybrianboy

    Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    Don't think people know how good Cole really still is. He's big, still fast and on pace to score 20, maybe close to 25 goals this year. And you gave away a prospect who burned all his bridges was never going to see NHL ice with the wings and was buried behind a ton of defensive prospects already and a decent forward prospect but Detroit already has a surplus of young PROVEN NHL quality forwards. Draft pick wasn't going to see the NHL ice for 5 years either. Got proven NHL player for no one that was going to see the NHL ice any time soon. Perfectly good trade. Put Cole on the third line with Sheahan and Helm and we'd have the best third line in the playoffs. The top two lines would see the other teams top two D pairs but that third line could murder most teams getting to play against their 3rd D pair.
  5. hockeybrianboy

    Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    Backman went back to Sweden, in this org that means your chances of seeing the NHL are probably done. And as many other people have noticed; Detroit has too many young forwards as it is. Still got Larkin and Mantha to find a spot for. That 2nd round draft pick wouldn't have seen the NHL ice for at least 5 years so not a big deal. Especially if they can resign him it'll be worth it. Detroit could certainly use some big forward depth if they want to go deep and Cole can fill that role.
  6. hockeybrianboy

    Couture wait, just fined pocket change

    Malkin 3rd man in 09' finals. Weber slamming Z's head into the glass in the playoffs. Lucic spearing Dekeyser in the groin. Benn assaulting Z. League really doesn't like suspending people for infractions against Detroit. Kostopoulos did get suspended 6 games though when he blindsided Brad Stuart a couple years ago and gave him the broken jaw.
  7. Had to agree with Incarnates post. Nearly all modern music is garbage; 3 minute songs where half of it is the same one line about 30 times. Most of these clowns can't even play instruments, or sing, or write their own music. The only time I can tolerate most of the filth is when you're drinking at a bar (not like you can change the music at that point). I'll stick to Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix, some actual musical ability. Bottled water is the stupidest thing ever unless you have no access to safe water (applies to almost no one in the US). It also costs more than freakin gasoline and a disturbing amount end up in landfills. At least in this country, public water is monitored like a nuclear missile silo (one of the easiest way for epidemics to spread/terrorists to strike so it's regulated like crazy) as opposed to Pepsi's water bottling plant which is subject to less regulations and at somewhere in the range of 1000-10000 times more expensive. Here in Illinois we get Lake Michigan water which is in like the top 1% of public drinking water quality in the world and yet you see tons of morons buying it, in bulk.
  8. Everyone who does it also looks like a show off ******
  9. hockeybrianboy

    So, Evander Kane...

    Won't pretend to have been paying attention to the details but anyone know why the Wings didn't make any attempt to get Boychuk or Leddy when the Islanders basically got them for free in the off season. Because both look like they'd be worth gold to bolster Detroit's blue line, which is the only thing still preventing them from being serious contenders.
  10. hockeybrianboy

    Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

    I would totally take Jagr for a draft pick; Detroit has such a traffic jam in the minors that no one drafted now is probably playing in the NHL for at least 5 years unless they're a once in a generation super star
  11. hockeybrianboy

    What Are You Playing?

    Yep Mabus, it'll be here eventually. Where's Monteagle; I lived in Knoxville for a couple years. How do you put up with all the Trashville fans
  12. hockeybrianboy

    What Are You Playing?

    Not really playing anything consistently right now. Video games seem to have hit a "we've hit a wall thinking of new ideas and right now we're just repackaging old stuff to keep the company afloat" phase. Loved COD back when it was fresh, played so much COD4 and MW2. But everything seems to now be terribly obvious cookie cutter templates; COD version 50, MMO xp grind version 78. One major problem is that the video game market is inherently backwards; developers jumped on the fact decades ago that hardly anyone knew anything about computers to come up with consoles as a way of everything you need ready to go out of the box. It ensured you could play any game that everyone else could due to having the same machine. They marketed it as cheaper than a computer (even though over time there isn't much difference if you know what you're doing, and you can use the same computer today to game, watch tv practically do everything) So that's where a lot of developers went. But the latest and greatest console has always been years behind PCs; real open world games might not even make it until the NEXT generation. It's all about that greedy cash grab; Microsoft and Sony's desire to not share anything means there's zero chance of consumers inventing new mods and developing new ideas for console games. I'm hoping someone finally gets the full world post-apocalyptic of some sort game right, no one has figured it out yet. The video game companies are pushing everything to requiring being online all the time (makes them more money) and they rationalize it by making every game multiplayer. And then you open the door for griefers to ruin everything. If someone figured out how to make something along the lines of open world Fallout; thousands of NPCs comprising hundreds of NPC factions, completely free base building, absence of 12 year old trolls grief killing I'd be down for that but no one has come within a ducks fart of realizing that idea. Sorry about the rant.
  13. Despite the media saying that guns are a huge problem in the US, they are hardly/none at all of the problem; merely the tool used to voice the many problems this country has. (Gang violence) - More and more people are realizing you can exploit the US government for food stamps, etc and make no effort to provide for yourself. Living off tax payers money is now ok forever. People born to horrible/useless parents have no role model in their life so they imitate rap music/violent video games, tv etc thinking that's what real life is all about. (Troubled kid violence) - More and more people are finally realizing that stealing more money out of the school budgets to finance their governors cocaine habit is leading to more and more kids not feeling like their problems are being addressed. Cutting money for supplies, after school programs, paying less and getting less qualified counselors, paying teachers less to the point they don't care as much. It was inevitable that kids will eventually hit the breaking point and lash out. (PTSD) - Many people complain about military personnel not getting enough medical coverage, pay,etc. It was inevitable that there would be violent out breaks. Gun free zones are also stupid; like painting a "there's lots of people here and none can defend themselves" sign. Which is where nearly all shootings occur.
  14. hockeybrianboy

    TANK IT! 2014-2015 Season

    Wings shouldn't tank for the soul purpose that they have so much young talent on the NHL roster you NEED to give those guys the experience of competing for playoff seeds, even if they're a Dman away from being a real cup contender come playoff time. Yes the team is still a long shot until they get better at the back end but if you don't subject Nyquist, Tatar to those expectations and rigors every year you're never going to get to the cup where they're in their prime and they're ready to win a cup or two. There's no such thing as NHL dynasties anymore due to the cap. No one's going to stay on top forever. Just have to ride the waves; they could be back on top when Nyquist and Tatar hit their prime years.
  15. hockeybrianboy

    2/5 GDT - Red Wings 3 at Avalanche 0

    Really felt like hockey would never come back (don't even remember when the last Wings game was). Time to make Patricia cry again.