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  1. aw man...
  2. Glad you had a great time!! I have lived in this area most all my life. And the Griffins are great entertainment, especially with the Friday night 'free beer and hot wings' section. They always get it going! Great pic of my boy Oulahen A friend of mine from Switzerland came up a couple of weeks ago and I took her to the arena. She couldn't believe that THAT was our minor league arena! She couldn't get enough pics to take back with her. I was so proud I will be at the Griffins Stanley night. I have to be there at like 3ish for our appt with Stanley. We will get 15 min, but I have no idea besides the other two I am going with, how many will be at that same time slot. But the stanley cup poster we got with the tix package was AWESOME!
  3. Soooo True!! I like" Let's Go Ved Vings!" or "It's not magic but it is magical" I LOVE that commercial, even after 181 times of seeing it!
  4. I would be happy to see the Jackets and the Hawks make it. I would be happy if the Preds and Pens don't make it!!
  5. He has been on fire and I am hoping to see great things in the playoffs. speedy recovery to him!!
  6. Zetterberg-Datsyk-Holmstrom Franzen-Fil-Hossa Hudler-Draper-Cleary Leino-Kopecky-Sammy With Maltby/Meech Alter Lids-Rafalski Stuart-Kronwall Lilja-Ericsson/Lebda Chelios Meech Start Oz so when he screws up then Conks can take over for the rest of the playoffs. I say you start Conks and you have already lost Oz. But then again Oz might play better when he is NOT #1. hmmmm....
  7. Always interested in Stevie Congrats Cap I can't believe it! I would never sell my bobble stevie! And I don't even like bobbles!
  8. The Hankster by the time Nicky gives it up Henrik will be matured and ready to take over. He is the future..and the future is looking GREAT!
  9. Great Wallpaper! Thanxs!
  10. Maybe I should have quit when I was ahead? lol
  11. That would be sweet.
  12. LIONS *giggles*
  13. Who is better than Osgood? Hasek, Broudeur, Jiggy, Kipper, Huet, Lundqvist,Turco, sanford, Vokoun...ect Who has been better on this team? Cujo? Legacy? Hasek? Hasek Reminds me of 2002..and I can handle another one of those years! Total Domination Baby!!
  14. Puck Fronger:P I am sure he will get at least one game, he better!!
  15. I wonder if fans aren't reading alot of what the press is saying. And the ones that are going to the games are trying to show why we are..and always should be hockeytown... CONGRATS BOYZ!! THIS IS HOCKEYTOWN, USA!!!