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  1. it very much looks like Phaneuf is in fact getting away with his s***. this league is continue to amaze ...
  2. anybody think that bugger Phaneuf gets away and league looks the other way?
  3. well you can't lose it all. this team may eventually win a game (or two)
  4. ami

  5. choice between these two teams is a choice between less hygienic and even lesser hygienic teams. sharks won that choice... on the other hand if you look at those two beards... man, there is no good choice here!!
  6. glad tampons are out, no cup for Yzerman outside of Detroit, no cup for POS lawyers pretending coaching.
  7. this year conf. finals and that finals are a definition for word vomitous
  8. that's it. I'm done. this year I have turned off the game number of times, record year. season is over, streak is over. I hope it it for good. will check back in july. And since x-mas comes early this year, here my wish list for july 1st. i hope to see most of these heartless individuals happen to wear winged wheel on their jerseys shipped somewhere far away from JLA, that also include Blashil and (can I hope, Holland). see you next season.
  9. gdt

    As of today, it looks like the only reasonable hope for Wings to make playoff is very biased against our opponents referee squad, who will disallowed good goals, will not make obvious calls against Wings, throw game misconducts toward opponents star or two for ... (it actually doesn't matter), etc. So I am setting a stage to complain about non-biased referees. The referee squad to complain tonight is: #5 Chris Rooney (Wings are event against him, 2-2, this season) #37 Kyle Rehman (Wings are loosing season series to #37 1-2) Please feel free to complain, if you find or have a slight suspicion these two morons make good call or two against Red Wings tonight while they can just be usual themselves.
  10. GDT

    wrong. these individuals do not need anything set to complain. They will likely do it themselves. It happen rather often lately that refs' incompetence affect game outcome. And until NHL take some disciplinary action towards their referees, we should shout their names as loud as we can. As for this game, it is more likely Wings f*** it up themselves without refs' help. Nevertheless, referees are part of the game same as teams line ups. don't they?
  11. I'd say no. Any trophy won by CHI will likely lead to Patrick "20-cent" Kane break his soberness and go banana again. Blackhawks, as a team, cannot let him down that way. Unless, of cause, City of Chicago shuts down their taxi and call-girls services for at least a month.
  12. GDT

    moron squad for this game is less favorable to Red Wings that to Flyers: moron #4, Wes McCauley - Red Wings lost 3 and won 1 against him this season moron #5, Chris Rooney - Red Wing lost and won a pair against him this seasnon. moron #6, - just kidding, those two simultaneously on the ice, would be enough for any game any season. Wings win nevertheless 5-2, wings score 5 (yes, five).
  13. GDT

    we won 11, lost 12 in regulation, and 1 in SO total. ... and NONE of these 11 was in Philly...
  14. GDT

    this game should be in hockey's textbook as a definition of sucking.
  15. GDT

    this team stinks... they got extre-e-e-rmly lucky to pull a win. wings would've lost by 3 or 4, should they opponent suck a bit less.