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  1. It is been said, and it is true: "The only Russian not influencing things in Washington is Alex Ovechkin!"
  2. Alexander Ovechkin is -2 in game 7 on hom area, directly responsible for both goals. What else can you tell about that great player and captain? No Cup for you, Шурик!
  3. I've just visited England and Scotland where I was taught a proper English. So in proper English it spells like this: Kovi, you can f*** off, stay where you are, bugger!
  4. these ******* flightless birds are good, but a few little tweaks by mammals here and there make them unbeatable. f*** you zebras and f*** you buttman!! And Ovie, oh man... I'll ask my wife to knit him good thick wool socks, he must be very cold, frozen nearly to death, staying there on the ice waiting somebody dash him a puck for a change or for a shot...
  5. it depends on a check... i'd rather cash it, but ...
  6. two checks are one too many, we need check and mate! cheers!
  7. That;s the best scenario possible. Ovie beats crap out of you-know-who, and somebody else takes care of Ovie.
  8. you kidding?! can we start celebrating? ovie's next I bet
  9. EDM in 5 or 6. ANA's fans are among the worst in NHL (comparable to CHI's) and need to suffer and learn, suffer and learn
  10. i want this prima donna back to NHL and humiliated by fans to the point he retires once again.
  11. this series - the best news so far in the playoff. for one reason - one of these teams will be eliminated. i'd say caps fail sooner than later; no Cup for ovie, not this year, not ever. pens in 7 and exhausted to lose next.
  12. don't be ridiculous. no one important player will go. those guys are pretty pragmatic. fines - a lunch money - aren't issue, but say one got season-ending injury - he looses his salary, no insurance will cover it. ovie will be the loudest, screaming and arguing and whatnot, but won't go anyway.
  13. please bit crap out of this-lawyer-coached team, please...
  14. hell with the streak, I made my peace with the end of Great Red Wings Era shortly after beginning of this season. however, I am still worried it may just traded places with Edmonton and that will become the start of little caesars era and playoff drought... that i wont make a peace with ever...