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  1. now it is serious. I am truly worried about Letang's well-being or even a life. He may just die (or seriously damage his brain) laughing after this: I hope zebras (and their ******* bosses) keep getting these kind of messages...
  2. do pens playing tonight? wanted to check letang. i am afraid he could literally laugh his a.s.s off after that suspension.
  3. Is Hitch behind our bench? Not yet, pity. It would be too good if he was and we beat crap out of his former team... I still believe Blash and Mrazek can turn around Red Wings fate, I am just not sure when... and I also believe it's going to be soon...
  4. there is no such thing as automatic rule. we all know too well, that certain player are exempt from almost any rule. as per Nyquist, if he gets 10 games, he should learn that next time he better slash/cross check/sucker punch a ref (Marc ******* Joannette or whoever) for letting those little pricks get away with constant crosschecks...
  5. does it mean we have babs back?
  6. get well soon, big E and take your time for proper recovery, hockey is just a game and your health is way more important.
  7. Thank you, Mr. I for great hockey generation! I bet in another camp, another rumor have it wings will be sold to focus on Tigers, pizza lovers club have both teams sold to focus on, well, pizza...
  8. Or Mrazek gets traded
  9. Mrazek, man... Ship this guy to Canada, he'd make such a good curling player, he slides so smoothly all over the place. I think Wings can even afford retain half of his salary...
  10. oh, f***... it looks like we stuck with less than inept defense, consistently intermittent goaltending, with coach who doesn't have a clue, gm who lost a sense of reality and on top of it owners who seem do not give a f***... what's left - two or three young forwards and a couple promising prospects... s.h.i.t...
  11. they have that much power just for one sole reason: league will never ever admit referee mistake let alone punish one.
  12. isn't it nice seeing colorado sucks and knowing it's no one else but roy who screwed them big time
  13. Once fired from Detroit Red Wings organization, Blash should consider getting a research assistant position with Federal Reserve Research Center. The way he juggles the numbers can make any researcher there proud.
  14. it is not as bad as he described, but he has a point. We are here for a long recovery and it will be painful, so we better get used to it...
  15. at this point I am sad James Neal didn't kick a sense completely from moron's head. it would be to everyone advantage those two cancel each other from nhl