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  1. Everyone is on Holland but they forget all the good things he has done! Holland signed Abby for that long term deal. He also signed Helm to that terrific deal and lets not forgot about the great deal he got signing DeKesyer!! What about at last years draft when there was a ready NHL defenseman available but he instead trades Pavels contract in order to get Frans, who by the way will never win a cup with the wings!! But Holland doesnt believe in rebuilding, just putting bandaids on over and over. Only problem with that is they keep coming off and HOLLAND CANNOT SEE THE TEAM NEEDS TO REBUILD AND BE BUILT UP!!!!! P.S-Ericsson is another great contract, so was Weiss. WHY IS HOLLAND NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS ACTIONS???????
  2. Ranger fans wanting AV fired stating he is a terrible coach..........Imagine they had Jeff Blashill
  3. Blashill is a horrible coach, it is very simple. You can say we are going to re build and yada yada, you still don't want a terrible coach running the team. "Sheahan is an elite thinker! He followed the process and after 81 games he was rewarded with 2 goals!"
  4. I am not sure but I believe Holland will trade their first round pick for Jarome Iginla because "he is an elite thinker and is ultra competitive."
  5. Sheahan is like playing a lottery number, you keep playing it as much as you can because you feel "it's" due. Keep playing him Blashill, when he finally scores you willl look like genius!!! Toronto is pissed they hired Babcock instead of Blashill.
  6. Blashill is such a good coach
  7. Sheahan please score a goal for the love of god
  8. To me, Abdelkader is even more disappointing then Sheahan. He gets paid way to much money for just 4 goals in 31 games. Kenny sure knew what he was doing signing to that long term deal, way to go Kenny!.
  9. Blashill said he didn't like Manthas play last night, yet says nothing negative against Sheahan??? I despise Blashill, best thing for this team right now is removing him! Why is Sheahan still playing! Osgood had more goals than him in a season!!!!!
  10. First thing I would do is fire Blashill and power play coach. Then I would trade Sheahan for a 5th round pick. I would look to trade Abby over the summer for a draft pick as he is grossly overpaid. I would trade Vanek at the deadline for a 1st rounder or D prospect. Erickson would be bought out over the summer. I would look to trade Nyquist for a prospect. I would fully submerge in the youth movement and not be afraid of missing the playoffs.
  12. Reason goal was scored because Sheahan is like a stone. Why didn't he just knock down Marchant im front of the net after he easily got around him? Instead he just swipes at his skates. SHEAHAN needs to be benched indefinitely, he is just awful.
  13. Does anyone else feel Abdelkader is grossly overpaid??
  14. Does anyone else become nauseous when Blashill discusses "The Process." Playing Sheahan all these minutes yet he has not 1 goal to account for it?????????????? What is this process, please do tell us.