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  1. We are losing and Ottawa is winning!!!!
  2. Way to go Abby!! A goal every 40 games, totally worth the contract!!!!!!
  3. Witkowski leading in ice time, tank is full go!
  4. Just 10 years ago we were the best team in the league
  5. Yzermans first line of business 1. Buyout Abby 2. Trade DeKyeser to Tampa (they will have to accept as he will win a cup this year and they owe him). 3. Fire Blashill
  6. Wish Rasmussen would get more ice time than Witkowski
  7. Red Wings need to start buying out some of these trash contracts 1.Abby 2. DeKeyser 3. Nielsen I mean do something, this team is such trash.
  8. Ken Holland says we will be competitive next year haha!
  9. Come Avs, we need to lose. Ottawa got a point
  10. Yzermans first line of business in 2020- Fire Blashill, Buyout Abdelkator.
  11. Blashill deserves that extension!