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  1. THATANK911


  2. THATANK911

    Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Witkowski skating in his figure skates beating up his team mates. Bash saying "the bad news is Witkowski those are your team mates" "Good news is those are your team mates"
  3. THATANK911

    Season Ticket Holders

    Wife and I did last 2 years. We live in NC but I fly through the D on business a few times a week, plus miles I rack up on Delta. Games we couldn't make, I would sell. This year I was a bit nervous, prefer to go to 5 to 10 games but sit in different parts of the arena to see what we like the best with it being new. Not commit to a full season in something we would be like "oh i wish we where there". After hearing this I'm glad we did what we did this year. Unfortunately I get the oh knee worked on for season opening. Jam out in the recliner with a cold one.
  4. THATANK911

    Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    Prime example Colorado, they tanked it and didn't go No1. See the turn out at the games, it was like they moved them to Carolina. I don't like tanking, odds are not there anyways. If your eliminated, i can see bringing some guys up and get some time in the show in moderation to help the curve.
  5. THATANK911

    Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    I was just having a laugh bud. Twitch out all he wants, plays like he did last year and he can twitch someone else.
  6. THATANK911

    Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    I like Howard. But understand his days are numbered. Play was good when he wasn't hurt last year. Petr I Hope he has a better season and loses the high and mighty crap. Cause he got destroyed last year. Not counting what our Defense gave up. Just the simple crap he let in. Hope they get him off the mask twitch. Dude could blend paint in his mouth.
  7. THATANK911

    Off-season moves

    Once they knew they where going to miss the playoffs he should have gotten more mins (NOV) no matter his play some nights just to see how he held up playing more elite lines to determine a base of value. I know he got more towards the end. This would have been a easier convo if you threw these young guys in to see how they handled it. Now its what ifs and maybes and who you keep. Just ah maybe he will or wont. If anything they could have increased the value to trade.
  8. THATANK911


    Being in NC and going to both wings games in Carolina, Lets just say we pack the house and not the cane fans. Even though i am a wings fan I still would like to see the team in NC just for eco reasons and to catch 2 extra games local a year, but attendance is awful! Owner trying to get money and not loose control at the same time. Renting out the RBC center for super cheap for years to come with a large buy back to move would be the only thing to keep them put. Think the total value for the team is 200mil which in the grand scheme of things is low.
  9. THATANK911

    Looking ahead at expansion draft

    Immature basically. Can't flip the switch on when to wear the chip and when to shut up and keep a straight face and listen. Ethier way watching him twitch in his mask is enough to make me blend paint in my mouth. Like watching Pelosi go into turbo mode on something she agreed on.
  10. THATANK911

    Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    Been a while since been on. Been traveling hard of late. Like the list honestly. Think Howard is a risk forsure, no doubt. Hasn't stayed healthy. But he outplayed petr last season by a lot. Plus wife is a Howard fan. Happy wife happy life. Saves me money on a jersey.
  11. THATANK911

    What if Datsyuk didn't leave for the KHL

    I'm liking this just because Trump terminated the Terminator. Epic sir Epic! Datsyuk leaving is going to draw anger (maybe too strong of a word) and or understanding at the end of the day just depending on how you look at it. He was a great player and a game changer. The ship was sinking no matter what this year I believe Datsyuk or not. Might as well let him go play out what he has left in his legs over the pond. Good news is maybe we can rearm now. (I still rock the 13 in the Joe from time to time)
  12. THATANK911

    Datsyuk in 19-20 Season

    HAHAHAHA i hear ya
  13. THATANK911

    Datsyuk in 19-20 Season

    I cheat i fly through the D alot. Add those Delta miles up for about 10 years and Marriott points lol
  14. THATANK911

    Datsyuk in 19-20 Season

    Yeah bud all the way from NC, Wife and I come up for most if not all the week end games and Im there for a few week day games. Depends on work load for me. Cool you been a season ticket holder that long.
  15. THATANK911

    Datsyuk in 19-20 Season

    ive been to many games this season at the Joe and in the past. But regardless our subjectivity wont factor you are correct.