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  1. I'm liking this just because Trump terminated the Terminator. Epic sir Epic! Datsyuk leaving is going to draw anger (maybe too strong of a word) and or understanding at the end of the day just depending on how you look at it. He was a great player and a game changer. The ship was sinking no matter what this year I believe Datsyuk or not. Might as well let him go play out what he has left in his legs over the pond. Good news is maybe we can rearm now. (I still rock the 13 in the Joe from time to time)
  2. HAHAHAHA i hear ya
  3. I cheat i fly through the D alot. Add those Delta miles up for about 10 years and Marriott points lol
  4. Yeah bud all the way from NC, Wife and I come up for most if not all the week end games and Im there for a few week day games. Depends on work load for me. Cool you been a season ticket holder that long.
  5. ive been to many games this season at the Joe and in the past. But regardless our subjectivity wont factor you are correct.
  6. Well when you go watch a game there is plenty of subjective 13 jerseys in the arena.
  7. Ok
  8. He retired from the NHL. If he wants to play at home last few years his body allows it fine by me. Not like we are playing on the other side of him. His number will hang in the new arena.
  9. Because he retired?
  10. WHO IS THE MAGIC MAN? Still would be one of the best players on our team this year! Would make others look better as well. But his heart is in being home, and for us the trend is looking toward rebuilding with youth. Just glad i got to see those Cup years and the Datsyukian DEkes of all time.
  11. LGRW!!!!
  12. Doing well: Z, Mantha, Vanek, Howard, Nielsen (self explained) Larkin just doesnt have the tools around him all the time for him to produce on the stat sheet. He has room to grow. Not even 21 yet i dont think. Green started well and cooled the jets like most did after win streak then injury AA just needs playing time and coaching and a swift kick in the butt from time to time Tatar aka TATOR TOT plays some really amazing games, then some you dont even notice if hes out there. Nyquist plays hard and creates scoring chances, he just needs a puck to drop ABBy banged up this year but gets us a guy in the middle and plays hard, brings physical side to the game Glenndog plays hard, another one of those guys whos output will reflect those around him Helm injury KORN the hits have now shown the price that must be paid. Petr hes not going to win you games, he is only going to keep you a float or will shine if you have a good team around him OTT still plays old school hockey and screws with kids minds and that don't show up in the stat sheet. Plus its muy comico. XO has played some really good games this year and just needs to work on bringing that everygame Jensen kid has heart and a motor, hes going to get beat and lacks size but he plays hard, we need that and him alot this season even if its only for one season DEFENSE SUCKS PP sucks PK is okay
  13. LGRW!
  14. "[Harry is drunk when he introduces the game] Harry Doyle: Hello, Tribe fans, welcome to Major League Baseball... sort of. The attendance today is 14 hundred and 12. Most of them left after that 10 run inning the Red Sox put up. Take over Monty, I'm in the bag. [head hits desk] Monte: [as the outfielder catches the ball, the crowd is disappointed] Fly ball... Caught!" Major League II This is where im at now!