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  1. Almost midnight here in Sweden. In just a few hours, at 4:30 in the morning the taxi arrives to take us to the small airport here in Linköping where we jump on a plain to Amsterdam and then to the final destination to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Co Airport (is it far from there to the Joe where our hotel is?)... A couple of last questions before we leave... That Pilgrimage to Detroit thread in here had with some good tips From what i have written down from you guys and from other forums, Hockeytown Cafè and Chelis Place sounds like a must to atleast check out, from what i understand they are not strictly food places? I've heard several people said the food isnt great there, i dont know if its true... Old Shillelagh bar sounds like a cool place aswell to grab a couple of cold ones... Also a store called Detroit Athletics to shop Red Wing jerseys, merch, sound to be the place i should go to get pimped up for the game on friday... My gf is interested in shopping, and from what i heard the best option there would be Sommerset in Troy (is that far away from downtown, walking distance?). Greektown for food? Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village ive heard about aswell, does it cost alot to enter? I would like to check out the new arena aswell, sounds like it is close to hockeytown cafê? Also heard names like Checker Bar and Hudson Cafè namedropped a few time for good places to eat...Have a missed something important? With the re-schedule of the Rangers game that means im missing it i suddenly have more time to explore the city so might aswell do the best of a crappy situation. ^^ Also with the good help of SetecX in here i finally got my tickets up on Stubhub for the game i will miss. So if anyone is interested they are up there on section 220, row 9 for 125 bucks a piece, top rating in value on that site... Thats 50 bucks less then i paid for them a couple of weeks agoo on nhl ticket exchange that i thought was a great deal... Really dont want to sell and miss the game but i have no choice here so now i just want to cut my losses and try to enjoy whats left of the trip atleast. So if anyone is interested or know anyone who would want to go to the Rangers game for a good prize, please help me get rid of these darn tickets before i leave so i dont have to think about it once i get to Detroit. Thx! https://www.stubhub.com/detroit-red-wings-tickets-detroit-red-wings-detroit-joe-louis-arena-3-12-2017/event/9606405/?mbox=1&rS=6&abbyo=true&sliderpos=false&qtyq=false&qtyddab=true&sort=value+desc&sid=34737,34738,34739,34740,34799&qty=2&bla=true&byo=1&tktbkt=5&ticket_id=1244619606&ticketRank=8&byo_qty=2&dUpg=false
  2. For sure! I couldnt live with the bitterness if i diddnt atleast get to attend to one home game before its gone. Its been over 25 years now watching this team from distance, gonna be pretty surreal to be there in person. I was really close to go 2014 when Lidströms jersey retired, a great deal was offered in package here in Sweden to go to 2 Red Wings home games and 2 right after in New York, and in that included you got to meet the players and attend practise... That was 4 games on 7-10 days or something for 10 000 SEK, really good prize, but i diddnt find anyone to come with me so i ended up skip it... This weekend for just 1 game i get to go to now, i spent over 30 000 SEK on... Almost 3000 dollars... This time i just brought along my gf as company, even if i had to pay for her aswell to join me cause she aint much of a hockey fan
  3. Jacko

    Looking ahead at expansion draft

    So now that trade deadline is past and we know more or less what player we have. How should Detroit reason? I know how i would, protect the youth, expose every veteran not named Zetterberg and more or less try to "force" Vegas to atleast pick up one "bad contract". Because they would probably try to get the cheap ones with most upside. I would go with this list (If one of Nyquist or Tatar would be traded before, that would be great and opens up a spot) I would go 7+3+1; Zetterberg, Nielsen, AA, Mantha, Nyquist, Tatar, Sheahan (cause if 10 games where interested in him during trade deadline, Vegas will to witch would prevent us from getting rid of a bad contract) + Green, Jensen and Sproul (right handed dmens are hard to find, specially those with offensive upside, i do like XO though, but i like Sprouls upside more) + Mrazek Exposed goalies: Howard, Coreau (one with bad contract and health problems, with very inconsistant and turning 26, not a kid anymore so wouldnt be the end of the world to loose Jared either, i predict none of them gets picked) Dmens: XO, DDK, Ericsson, Kronwall... I went back and forth here, but i really dont think Vegas would pick DDK with his 5 x 5 contract after the horrendous season he is having. If he did it would only shred another big overpaid contract for really a mediocre player, so not the end of the world... He is still "just" 27 (its his birthday in 3 days) so sure, its a possibillity he can improve but reality is that he should be closer to his prime then that he would be that much better in the future... XO is in my mind bigger possibility gets picked, he was a real good dman in juniors and he can still improve. Big E, Kronwall... Zero chance they get picked up. NONE. That remains onf Forwards: Abby, Helm, Glenny.... Frk, Callahan? Or did i forget anyone? Either way, pick one, aaaaanyone... Helm and Abby is useful bottom six players, but their contracts makes them very much expendable... I can see them in a few years be a huge weight for this team to carry... Glenny with his new 1,8 x 4 years contract is a stretch aswell, he is a hard worker sure, but his skill level is pretty much medicore at AHL level... So my guess with this strategy, Wings would loose Helm, DDK (both would be for us a big salary dump with money better to use elsewhere, like in Larkin and Manthas extensions after next season) or XO (who could have a pretty decent NHL career, but reallyy nothing special). I can live with that...
  4. That would be great if it works... I tried putting them onto Ebay last night, but it said i had to ship them, couldnt choose mail... Craigslist diddnt work cause i diddnt have a american phone number... If it could work, that would be great! I dont have a paypal account though but maybe that isnt so hard to get? You can write to me on email jachar384@hotmail.com or you can find me on facebook with the same name, Jacko Otherwise i have a grand tour booked at the Joe next week on thursday, the Red Wings on facebook finally answered me yesterday and first they thought i should call the ticket exchange but when i said i was located in Sweden and that call would cost me a fortune they said it might be able to sort it out to talk with them face to face i hope they are willing to give me the money back due to the fact i cant get a oppertunity living so far away so i cant post them anywhere... And the support on nhl ticket exchange have been pathetic, no help whatsoever... Just a standard reply, doesnt even seem like they are reading my email, just dont give a crap obviously when its about THEM giving ME money and not the other way around...
  5. I tried to post it on Craiglist now, it wouldnt let me cause im not a USA citizen aswell lol.... Just said this... This is so f***ed up... >.< Phone Verification is required before proceeding: Use the form below to receive a verification code on your mobile phone or land line. Phone Number+1 () (U.S. and Canadian numbers only)
  6. As a swede, i dont know much about how ebay works though... Does people use ebay for NHL tickets? Isnt it usually NHL ticket exchange and stubhub? Ill look into it, also heard someone give me a tip of a site called viagogo but when i googled it sounded a bit fischy...
  7. Order Summary Event New York Rangers at Detroit Red Wings Venue Joe Louis Arena Date Mar 12, 2017 at 12:30 PM Section 220 Row 9 Seats 12-13 Notes Quantity 2 @ $133.33 Merchandise $266.66 Discount $0.00 Gift Certificate $0.00 * Service Charge $30.66 Shipping Included Tax $0.00 Order Total $297.32 Invoice Notes This invoice is not your event ticket. Please click the link below to print your tickets. * Where applicable, taxes are included in the service charge I bought them on NHL ticket exchange a couple of weeks agoo, simular seats costs now around 250-300 a piece when i looked around. Im not out to make a buck, i just want to get money back i invested. I bought them for 297 dollars for both, so around that i would like to get... If i dont get them sold before i go there i guess i probably have to lower my prize and loose money.... Its pretty good seats though, i got help from a guy in another forum to pick out the most prize worthy and he thought these where the best ones for the value... The tickets for the hawks game where more costly though, basically same seats i bought for almost 600 bucks but i atleast will be able to to go to that game i already spent 3 grand on this trip so i hope i can get atleast some money back for this game... Yeah that would be the plan B, to bring them with me and try to sell around the rink, but i would prefer not cause i spent so much money on this trip i just want to relax and have a good time when i get there, not worry about this thing... We'll see if i find a solution, it just sucks that i cant upload the tickets on any site, from what i looked on stubhub or ticket exchange, these tickets i have are better and cheaper then most i saw there... Just dont get how im supposed to sell it other then physical in person... If i sell them in person in Detroit i would like to have a contact with someone to meet up once i get there, not just randomly go around on the street asking people lol... Im a swede so its not in our nature to do stuff like that haha Thx for all the tips, i will write them down and check out!
  8. It really is, this trip that started out as my dream come true quickly have turned out to a nightmare. Its so enoying just because i'm not a US citizen i cant put out my tickets for sale on the regular site... I would like to get this sorted out before my flight leaves, worst case scenario i have to try to sell them around the rink... If thats something that people do? I guess i might be able to get some help with tips and help from the hotel im staying where i should turn... It just sucks having to run around with this once i get there, i just want to relax and enjoy the trip i spent over 3000 bucks for already "Hi Jacob, I am sorry that you will not be able to attend the game and I will be happy to help you with listing your tickets with some information below. Customers who would like to list their tickets on TicketsNow but do not reside in the United States, can complete a "Tickets to Sell Form." Premium Inventory, the preferred broker of TicketsNow" <--- And no answer when i tried! Also heard about Stubhub, where i bout the tickets for the hawks game... But that one said like this when i tried to post the tickets there... "To sell on StubHub your account and credit card billing addresses need to be in one of these countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, United States." As a Swedish citizen i cant sell tickets on those sites, i have to have an american adress and an american credit card... I'm really in the s***ter here >.<
  9. Hey fellow Wing nuts! A swedish lifelong Red Wing fan here who finally gonna fulfill my dream since 25+ years now to go to Detroit next weekend to experience The Joe before it gets demolished after the season! It will be a long and costly trip for just a few days, but something i felt i just had to do (more or less on top of the bucketlist for me) before me and the rink gets put to sleep, an arena that i've been watching through the TV from here in Sweden since i was just a 6 year old kid that have given me such much joy through these amazing years during our streak, still cherish the VHS tapes from the Stanley Cup finals from 97, 98, 2002 more then anything. It feels unreal really that its just a matter of days away now... But usually when something feels unreal ofcourse something gets in the way.... So yeah, we had booked the flight to arrive to Detroit at wednesday around 2 pm and flight home on sunday night around 10 pm. In that span of days i had booked and bought tickets for two games, Chicago on thursday and the Rangers game on sunday. We made the decision to book the flight home the same day as the game cause my gf couldnt get more time off work, and besides we thought it would save us one extra night at the hotel... What we diddnt count on was that the game would be re-scheduled from 12:30 to 7, that really messed up our trip. I really dont know what to do now, cause as a resident in Sweden, i cant re-post these tickets on either NHL ticket exchange or stubhub, where you have to have an american adress and a american billing card... So dont know really what to do now, we are going to Detroit on tuesday for the trip of my life and im starting to get a bit stressed out here! I have mailed NHL ticket exchange for help, they just refered me to this site called remiuminventory for residents not from USA to be able to get some help, but the site dont seem to work cause nobody have responded me and its been several days now after i put out the question there for help with my situation, really frustrating cause time is of the essence here now... So yeah, i guess my question is, does anyone know where i should turn as a resident not living in the States to sell game tickets for the Rangers game 12th march? Need to get rid of these tickets ASAP so i wont have this hanging over my head once we get there as a dark cloud. Like i said, our flight home (not refundeble) is booked at 21:46 so wont be able to go to the game, very disappointing... I just want my money back, its the best tickets available i found on NHL ticket exchange a few weeks agoo... If anyone know a solution, please help me move these so they wont burn without use! I dont want to be in a situation that i have to print them and go around while im in Detroit to try to sell them to people on the streets. I just want this to be settled as soon as possible so i can relax and look forward to the trip and atleast be able to se one Detroit game at the Joe, a dream i've had for over 25 years now. Thanks! Me and my gf will be staying at the Crowne Plaza nearby the Joe from wednesday 8th to sunday 12th, so we wil be in the area, if anyone is interested in these tickets, section 220, row 9... Also would be nice to get som tips and pointers what to do in Detroit these days now that i only get to attend one hockeygame, it would be nice to get to experience other fun stuff the city have to offer. I have heard about Hockeytown Cafè and a store called Detroit Athletics thats supposed to have some pretty sweet merch, also heard that Greektown is a must (even though ive been in the real Greece several of times so dont know how big of a deal that would be for me as a european). So what else? Other then that i dont know much about the city... I guess my gf will be interested to know where to do some shopping frenzys lol... If i would have known that for all these money i spent on this long trip im about to make (paid over 3000 dollars for me an my gf just to get here to come along for company) for just ONE game (the hawks game i still get to attend atleast), i wouldnt have bothered... But it is what it is... From a lifelong Swedish fran since 1990-91 season... And pretty heartcrushed about missing this game... LGRW! Jacob Haraldsson (contact: jachar384@hotmail.com or Jacko at facebook)