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  1. 1 hour ago, LeftWinger said:

    So, we have $29M in cap. A couple trade chips to free up a little bit more. Holl (or Maatta) and Fabbri. That'll give us $7M-$7.4M more. Let's just say we round to $37M.

    Seider $8M (8 year) if we could get him to bridge, that would be great!

    Raymond $5M (3 year bridge)

    Kane $5M (3 year)

    Stamkos $8M (3 year)

    $26M, leaving us $11 to get another G backup (unless Husso is dealt for another) and upgrade the D. Whether that's a UFA or via another trade. Fill in the remaining holes with kids. If we could wrestle Andersson out of Calgary for a 1st and prospect, that would be a big upgrade. Edvinsson and Johansson should be in Detroit next season. 




    <kid>-Rasmussen-<kid>(or Fischer)







    Kane and stamkos are too old to be getting 3 years

  2. 5 hours ago, AtlantaHotWings said:

    I see the following

    Hawks get #1 

    Pens jump up at least 5 if not 10 spots

    Toronto hits the links at 9 today 


    Moving up 10 spots is the only option for Pittsburgh.  If they win a draw, fourth overall is the only pick they can get

  3. 14 hours ago, AtlantaHotWings said:

    Toronto gains zone 

    Boston corners puck 2 passes and it's out and they change 

    wash rinse repeat

    Toronto not getting o zone cycle time currently 

    Sounds familiar

  4. 3 hours ago, Scott R Lucidi said:

    We'd be paying 1/2.  Penguins would be retaining.  We'd just be responsible for the 5 mil cap hit.

    Aren't we only allowed to retain salary on two contracts at once?  We're already retaining on Yamamoto and Abdelkader

    Never mind I see what you're saying now

  5. 37 minutes ago, Scott R Lucidi said:

    If the Pens eat 1/2 his 5 mil, do u take on him and his cap hit for a year?

    I don't think we're able to retain salary right now

  6. 2 hours ago, LeftWinger said:

    You can if you dump others. Petry, Holl, Maatta, Chiarot. Any of these guys are expendable.

    You'd have to move at least three guys and Chiarot and Petry aren't going anywhere

  7. 13 minutes ago, LeftWinger said:

    Plus, he says "recalls Johansson" at some point. Johansson isn't going to clear waivers if he's sent down from the start.

    Re-sign Ghost. How do you not? Unless the guy wants 6 or 7 million.


    You can't bring back ghost if you want to fit Edvinsson and Johansson on to this team next season

  8. 1 hour ago, Scott R Lucidi said:


    Im ok with Perron at 1.5 mil on a 1 year deal.  He's gotta be ok with up and downs to GR on that deal too, tho.  I think set a great example when he fought back for Larkin.  That incident earned him a place in the red wings organization for as long as he wants, imo.  Might have to transition to off the ice very soon, but I like the guy now.

    Lalonde seems to like dump and Chase hockey.  Therefore, we need guys that are fast enough to beat the other team to the puck.  Perron doesn't help with that