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  1. The person below me game...

    It was unfortunate, to be sure, but the pile-on was worse than Bert's actions. The person below me has seen the new Star Wars movie.
  2. This or That

    One of my old besties was surnamed Shinn, so I'll go with shin. Arby's or KFC?
  3. The person below me game...

    No. But I also hate the smell of the crap that people spray to cover it up. The person below me is completely ambidextrous in at least one area.
  4. This or That

    Just plain Larkin. Car, van, or pickup?
  5. This or That

    T-shirt Avocado or artichoke?
  6. The person below me game...

    I'm almost afraid to answer that because it may have a meaning with you younger folks that I don't understand, but here goes..... I am jelly- smooth, sweet, and a bit fruity. The person below me has purchased candy to give out to trick-or-treaters.
  7. still55fan