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  1. Goalie Flame War

    12.3 (c) A Player will be subject to only one Club-elected salary arbitration in his career. Notwithstanding Section (a) or (b) above, a Player as to whom a Club has elected salary arbitration, regardless of whether a hearing took place in connection with that election, is no longer eligible for Club-elected salary arbitration. If a Club subsequently elects to take such a Player to salary arbitration, that election will be null and void. Mrazek, of course, could elect to go to arbitration. I doubt he would get the $5mil that kickazz is suggesting, though.
  2. Rumors Thread

    The point of absurdity is that there is practically zero reason that Mrazek would reject a qualifying offer at his current salary (unless he really, really wants to get paid far less to play hockey somewhere else). If he gets qualified, he's staying. If not, he tests free agency and we find out if the Wings still want him on a lower salary (and if he wants to stay).
  3. See you in three games, Petr.