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  1. What is that defending from Green? Either the man gets past you or the puck gets past you. Not both.
  2. Then they should change 1.) what calls are reviewable, 2.) number of challenges, and 3.) how long it takes referees to review calls.
  3. Is the NHL okay? What a stupid rule, that failing a challenge is a penalty. Why even have bench challenges then?
  4. Great play! Good response to going behind. Edit: Typical Wings, immediately give up a penalty.
  5. Wings are still asleep. They look totally surprised every time the puck gets close to them.
  6. As someone who primarily watches soccer, I am utterly baffled that a player can be penalised for fouling a player who was himself penalised for diving.
  7. That powerplay sure was... something.
  8. What the f*** was that PP unit?
  9. Not to derail the thread further but they, along with the other Uralic language groups, probably* originated from Siberia/the Urals. They went relatively south, the Finns etc. went north. It's a little less weird if you look at a different map projection: Edit: You get an event in the game Crusader Kings II about the settlement of the Magyars in current-day Hungary, so I read about this stuff before.
  10. tl;dr everyone is from everywhere