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  1. Prolix

    Trash removal delayed 2 years

    Not to cherry pick this conversation, but tbf that seems like a good way for a coach to end up without a job... Happens in every sport. If the players quit on you it's your job on the line, not theirs.
  2. Try not to sound so gleeful.
  3. Prolix

    2019 Draft

    Think of it this way: would you rather that the young players who will be taking over the mantle in the next year or two be showing no signs that they can actually deliver? If things really were that dire-- if we were so utterly devoid of talent and spark, however inconsistent-- then drafting first vs. fifth was never going to make the difference in turning this team around. At least this way you have a budding framework that you can build around and coherently plan on dropping some good draft talent into.
  4. Prolix

    My Dream Ending - F$%k Buffalo

    I was reliably informed by another thread that the NHL should actually reward us for purposefully throwing games.
  5. Prolix

    2018 Prospects Watch

    FFS, it's not like he went un-drafted. Or is everyone taken in the second round or later a "doubt" to make it professionally?
  6. It's been my suspicion (hope?) for a while that as the season goes on our overall lack of talent will begin to show. We're keeping games close, which is good, but really we're not ready to compete for anything yet. We were starting to ask too many quiet questions about sneaking into the playoffs lately. Back down to earth and back down into the lottery conversation is totally fine.
  7. Score a goal. Take a penalty. Continue the circle.
  8. Just to be clear: Larkin is on some next level s*** in my eyes this season and I'm loving it. I would just be salty if he pulled a Mantha and couldn't play.
  9. If I'm the coach: Way to ******* go, son. You don't hide and you're a leader who stands up for his team/mates. Now never do it again.
  10. Really stupid from Larkin. There's no reason he has to be the one to stand up for Kronwall. Now he isn't available for the PP.
  11. I missed it, why was the second goal overturned? Edit: Nevermind, I see the comments now.
  12. Why is Holland "horrible" for not calling a promising young player up to sit on the bench and not play? The second that it was Lashoff who got called up it should have been pretty obvious that they aren't giving someone serious NHL minutes. It's such a nothing thing to get upset over.