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  1. What is that defending from Green? Either the man gets past you or the puck gets past you. Not both.
  2. Then they should change 1.) what calls are reviewable, 2.) number of challenges, and 3.) how long it takes referees to review calls.
  3. Is the NHL okay? What a stupid rule, that failing a challenge is a penalty. Why even have bench challenges then?
  4. Great play! Good response to going behind. Edit: Typical Wings, immediately give up a penalty.
  5. Wings are still asleep. They look totally surprised every time the puck gets close to them.
  6. As someone who primarily watches soccer, I am utterly baffled that a player can be penalised for fouling a player who was himself penalised for diving.
  7. That powerplay sure was... something.
  8. What the f*** was that PP unit?
  9. Not to derail the thread further but they, along with the other Uralic language groups, probably* originated from Siberia/the Urals. They went relatively south, the Finns etc. went north. It's a little less weird if you look at a different map projection: Edit: You get an event in the game Crusader Kings II about the settlement of the Magyars in current-day Hungary, so I read about this stuff before.
  10. tl;dr everyone is from everywhere
  11. Prolix

    2020 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    But that is the least likely outcome. You can't do serious long-term planning for a team based around literal chance. Yzerman has to make choices now based around the roster now and the prospects in the system now.
  12. Prolix

    2020 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    (Great post, sorry to extract just the last bit to respond to.) The big question, as I see it, is: does making the playoffs this season improve our long-term chances of being a consistently competitive hockey team? where "competitive" = challenging for Stanley Cups.
  13. Prolix

    Grade The Offseason 2019: Yzerman's Opening Moves

    Wait, what?
  14. Prolix

    2020 Tank

    Blashill is still the coach.
  15. Prolix

    Nicknames for the Noobs

    I can't believe this needs pointing out, but... "heil" does not mean "holy" in German (that would be "heilig"). It means "hail". As in "Hail, Caesar!", and other well-known but less tasteful derivatives thereof. But yes, Seider would be the occupational surname for a silk trader ("Seide"+"r"). Edit: Also, let's please not try and make "heil Seider!" a thing.
  16. And fewer assets. What 'advantage' does a still-rebuilding team get from 'one more year of him be younger'? If management is convinced he wants to come to Detroit, they'll wait for him.
  17. Prolix

    2019 Draft

    It seems to me that "hype and expectations" are a very bad metric by which to assess the success/failure of young players. The pick is gone. The only thing that matters at this point is obtaining maximum return out of the player who is now in the system. In some cases that might mean getting a trade return while the player is still overvalued based on the hype!, but other than that it makes no difference where a player was "projected" to play. You turn them into the best player they can become, because that is what is best for the team. Draftees not reaching their projected potential is in most cases pure chaos and beyond that an issue with scouting/recruitment, not the individual. The only way a player can truly "bust", imo, is if they never make it to the NHL level - which I believe is a point only you are making ("30% chance"). This is the same argument people have about AA: "we thought he would be X and he's Y!" Who cares? You have Y player. Use him. If he's not useful, get rid of him. But until you do that's still a playing asset. (Players getting fat contracts based solely on hype! is the other possible negative outcome, but again that's an institutional issue, not a player issue.) (Edit: Also, player output at the ages of 18/19 is almost certainly not a reliable indicator of where they will be in 1, 3, 5, 8, etc. years.)
  18. Prolix

    Trash removal delayed 2 years

    Not to cherry pick this conversation, but tbf that seems like a good way for a coach to end up without a job... Happens in every sport. If the players quit on you it's your job on the line, not theirs.
  19. Try not to sound so gleeful.
  20. Prolix

    2019 Draft

    Think of it this way: would you rather that the young players who will be taking over the mantle in the next year or two be showing no signs that they can actually deliver? If things really were that dire-- if we were so utterly devoid of talent and spark, however inconsistent-- then drafting first vs. fifth was never going to make the difference in turning this team around. At least this way you have a budding framework that you can build around and coherently plan on dropping some good draft talent into.