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  1. Lafreniere is our only option
  2. decent first period - wings had some good chances - glad Zadina didn't get hurt on that one - kid flewwww GO WINGS GO!!!!!
  3. Like I said Tatar sucks its not hard to score more than any wing right now. Have you been watching them this season?
  4. Tatar sucks. Another day another loss. Red Wings are as bad tonight as The movie Uncut Gem’s with Sandler
  5. bcwings91

    World Juniors

    Great news. He’s getting it checked in Calgary from the Doctors as well. Let’s hope he comes back after the germs game. Being Canadian that was the worst loss in our history and we need to bounce back. Goalies for us have been absolute garbage like Howard and bernier.
  6. bcwings91

    World Juniors

    Praying we don’t get f’ed this year WITH THE DAMN DRAFT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN
  7. bcwings91

    World Juniors

    Well there goes our first round pick lafreniere can’t believe he got injured. Was going to be our pick and our future. FML.
  8. Correction 5 damn goals in the 3rd period 5!!! U can’t even get that on rookie mode in nhl 20!!!! Well I could but still. We needed to give horvat his hatrick cuz off of hronek skate wasn’t close enough.
  9. It’s just such a joke. Literally disgusting. Blown 3rd period leads. 20 mins to shut a god damn game down up 2 zip but no we gotta decide to choke. 4 goals un answered in the 3rd period??? 4 goals???? Really??? What a joke
  10. another goal scored on the PP because of Green - I'm telling you, if you don't want to put on the red wings jersey and come ready to play for our franchise then stay at home and gtfo
  11. green needs to be benched, like right now - he's playing terrible soft saucer passes being broken up with ease, taking a dumb penalty for a goal, poor back checking and he missed his assignment in taking his man in front for a goal
  12. bcwings91

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    this is a wonderful day to be a red wing fan - I am so pumped right now finally some god damn excitement for our organization - finally! it has been a rough last 3 years to watch and with bringing in Y I feel we can finally turn the page and start the next era - it was time for a change and change in this situation is better for us all time to get back where we have always been and start attracting players here and making the right moves (still a lot of work to do) but I am confident we have found the right guy for at least the next 5 years. GO WINGS GO!!!!!