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  1. Akakabuto

    2020 Draft Thread

    I don’t know if people count them among the contenders or not but it doesn’t seems to be a lot of talk about them. They are definitely a ”dark horse” in my book. Also; Aube-Kubel>Abdelkader.
  2. Akakabuto

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    So if we get to draft him he is not a ginger but if we don't he is. Cool?
  3. Akakabuto

    2019 Training Camp

    Where do you guys find good coverage on the camp? Interested to see which players are on team red and white.
  4. Akakabuto

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    Looks gingerish to me...
  5. Akakabuto

    2019 Training Camp

    >2019 I am forgotten
  6. Akakabuto

    News From Around the NHL

    50% of your cap tied up in four(4) players and your defense isn't even in the top half of the league. Oof.
  7. Akakabuto

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    Do not want any gingers on this team. This team has soul. Gingers dont.
  8. Akakabuto

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    "Look at these bums. They are lazy and they suck. All of them. Especially Larkin." - Z & Y
  9. Akakabuto

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    Larkin for Laine and Connor
  10. Akakabuto

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    Larkin for Point?
  11. How about them Swedish Royal Balls, you have them too?
  12. Alright and I believe that Larkins numbers will be better than Ryans comparables in two years.
  13. Larkin best and second best season have more points than both of RNH's best and second best. RNH is entering his seventh season with Larkin entering his fifth, so RNH should be ahead of the curve.
  14. Akakabuto

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

  15. Akakabuto

    GDT 9/17 - Blackhawks at Red Wings 730 EST

    Aaah, preseason; where the games are made up and the points don’t matter. HYPE!
  16. Akakabuto

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    I don’t think so too. But I still think that he had a great career.
  17. Akakabuto

    Kronwall to Hang Them Up

    Anyone have pics of the new cabinets yet?
  18. Akakabuto

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    Yeah, thats pretty ”decent”.
  19. Akakabuto

    Eklund Rumor: Mantha for Ristolainen

    And here I thought the only good thing about lgw being down was that we didn’t have to talk about this stupid rumor. Stupid as in I really do not want it to happen. But, hearing that Yzerman being high on character I could see him dangling Mantha as a trade piece. Do we need Risto though? Seeing us load up on RHD prospects at the draft and him being a bit of a project it doesn’t make sense to me. Depends on the other pieces I guess. I have no idea who they would have to add to make me happy.