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    2019 Draft

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I was expecting to be shunned for being a n00b haha. From the little bit of browsing I've done, it seems there will be some good discussions to look forward to. I'm excited for next season already. Can't wait to see how Steve begins to right the ship!
  2. Larkness Monster

    2019 Draft

    Thanks man. I've been looking for a place to discuss the Red Wings for a long time - one that is not completely littered with idiots (like every article on Facebook). I think I've found it. I'm excited. A few months ago I thought we had a shot at Byram. I feel there is no way LA passes on him. And I wouldn't be shocked if Chicago or the Avs sniped him either. Either way, exciting draft with a lot of intriguing prospects.
  3. Larkness Monster

    2019 Draft

    Then we try to trade down to 8th and take whoever falls to us.