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  1. VAN was unwilling to give up a 2nd. There was some talk swapping 6 --> 10, between Benning and Holland. Holland requested a 2nd round pick.
  2. wolfgang durst

    2019 Draft

    Krupp won the Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche. Seidenberg won the Cup with the Bruins. Dennis Seidenberg played on the top pairing together with Zdeno Chara. This pairing was arguably the best shutdown pairing in the season 2010/2011. This pairing was fundamental in the Bruins Cup win in 2011. Both played important roles on their teams.
  3. wolfgang durst

    2019 Draft

    EDM took Cozens & Broberg out for dinner at the combine. They have never been in on Seider. ANA: Murray made it publicly 2 days ahead of draft day that he wants to pick the best C available. Seider would have been there at #10, no doubt about it. It came down to the asking price which was apparently too high for Jim Benning to make the swap. Anyway. Stevie got his player.
  4. wolfgang durst

    2019 Draft

    TLGTrico: the quote is saying "at least an NHL top 4 defenseman". There is a good chance that he will become a top pairing D-Man down the road. RHD come at a premium. Just look at the recent right handed D-Men that were traded the last couple of days.
  5. wolfgang durst

    2019 Draft

    Believe me you will love this pick down the road: Here is a quote from an european scouting service on Seider: We think Moritz Seider is the safest bet to be a solid contributor in the NHL out of the pool of defensemen available in Europe this year, that’s why he has been the highest ranked defenseman on our list since last season. In fact, we have been scouting him for three years now and everything we have seen both in terms of capabilities and projection suggests to us he will be at least an NHL top-4 defenseman for a long time.
  6. wolfgang durst

    2019 Draft

    Indeed there is a match between DET & VAN. Benning wants to move up to walk away with Trevor Zegras. Zegras tops VAN's wish list. Yzerman wants to move down to draft the best RHD in this years draft class, Moritz Seider. I don't know why users here don't get what JD Burke said: "Yzerman initiated contact........" You guys should'a know better, Ted Kulfan reported earlier this month that the Detroit Red Wings want to draft a future all star defenseman. Good luck with your draft pick - u guys need some luck after taking Zadina ahead of Hughes. Laugh my ass off ....
  7. wolfgang durst

    2019 Draft

    Haven't any of you heard it: Detroit is selecting Moritz Seider at #6. Not kidding. Just look into the HF Boards Moritz Seider thread. Would be an excellent selection. Feel so sorry about some fans who wanted to see Podkolzin in a Red Wings uniform.