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  1. FischersChick2

  2. Who was your first?

    Between twitter and here the past two weeks it seems like everyone's been meeting the Wings around town so I was wondering: Who was the first hockey player you met? Were you nervious? And who do you want to meet? The first hockey player I met was Chris Chelios. I met him outside of Cheli's and he was very nice... until I put my foot in my mouth. Me: Hi Chris, Would you mind taking a picture with me and my friend? Chris: Sure. No problem. Me: WOW! You're more in shape than I thought Chris: You thought I was FAT?!? Me: Nooooo... I didn't! It's just you're old (Angry face by Cheli) Me: errr... oldER.. than me because I'm young... er... younger than you... I was soo embarassed that I practically RAN away. And I want to meet The Perfect Human Nicklas Lidstrom
  3. Officials for Round 2

    So I'm a giant NERD and I keep records of every officiating error (missed call, bad call, "intent", etc) because like I said NERD. ANNNNNYWHOOOO, I took at look at my records and 7 of the 12 are in the top 10 in officiating errors against the Red Wings this season. I have a feeling I'll be add many more infractions to the records with this LOVELY set of officials. Lol.
  4. San Jose Sharks look alike thread

    Devin Setoguchi is... THE PREGNANT MAN!
  5. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    The blog is all done and published if anyone would like to check it out. The Puck Stops Here Thanks again for all your help!
  6. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    Thank you all very much for your answers! The four most popular reasons I've got from other fanbases are: Too European- Most Wings haters are Pro-North American or Pro-Canadian Claiming the name "Hockeytown"- Much bitterness about the fact that we "stole" the name They don't like us(Wings Fans)- Stuck-up, Snobby, and Conceited were the common adjectives used to describe our fanbase. Octopus- They think it's our way of stopping the game from a faster pace. One fan even suggested "it's [our] way of cheating to give the Wings time to rest" Very few fans actually admitted that they envy the Wings but I think we all know it's most likely the case.
  7. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    I'm currently writing a blog about why NHL teams' fans seem to hate the Red Wings. I'm in the process of asking fans of all the NHL teams why they seem to hate the Wings but I want to let the Wings fans get their opinions out there too. So, Why do you think other NHL teams' fans seem to hate the Wings? Is it the players that make it this way? The owners? Bias in the media? Any response would not only be helpful but greatly appreciated. I've been off of the forum for a while but DANG it's good to be back!
  8. Everyones' favorite NHL team and why

    Any of the Canadian teams. But most def. wings fan first.
  9. Who's on your Red Wings Jersey?

    I've got... White- Fischer #2 Red- Fischer #8 White- Yzerman
  10. Sergei Fedorov boos

    Personally, I boo him cause I hate him. always have, always will.