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    This or That

    ok i know this is off the beaten track but what do you think the Beatles first album in 61 would be very decent condition??...........just wondering
  2. Shermanbic

    Zadina Says It

    Please by all means listen to the voices and clean your guns, but just dont let them tell you where you hid the ammo.
  3. Shermanbic

    Red WIngs Legends Night with Joe Kocur 12/23/13

    I have a Red camera Package for rent incuding DIT and onset Playback system. This system includes Two Red Raid drives and One Red Ram drive. Pm for details and availability.
  4. Shermanbic

    Detroit Pistons Season Thread

    3-1 first period lead against the defending champs in their house. Pretty good way to start the season. Far from over though. Rangers have come out aggressively and Henrik is into it.