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  1. Michaelbug

    Ray Sheppard traded for $1

    What I am taking from this trade week is the number of mature age rookies that have already been picked up, if they have been taking before the national/pre-season/rookie drafts and a club has gone to the effort to trade for them then they be filling a required role and/or have serious potential.
  2. Michaelbug

    Wanted - Detroit Red Wings Playoff Games (vhs, dvd)

    Im looking for a stock windshield or a windshield that I can cut down to a size similar to stock. Please pm if youve got one you like to get rid of. Thanks Mark
  3. Michaelbug

    Moving back to Michigan

    Hey guys, I will hopefully be moving to CO soon and Im curious about the emission laws and if they are strict? Michigan doesnt really have any. I have a 3" straight piped 03 wrx. Also how are the cops around there? Pretty strict? Thanks