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  1. WingsFANstuckintheSOUTH

  2. So from what I gathered it seems Det is in on Kaberle and White for D and Cole and Leino for the top 6 forward.
  3. Jagr to Flyers..I think Cole will come down to Det, Buffalo, and Carolina.
  4. Relax people, Holland isnt going to sit on his ass with 10 million to spend. Expect a Dman and top 6 forward before its all over. With 14 forwards already signed you know that means there will be a trade to add that top 6 forward to the roster. Patience please!
  5. I honestly think His contract is a good thing because of so many teams trying to just reach the floor. I expect him to go to a Florida, Carolina, Phx type team who just wants to get to 48 million and having Hudler at 2.9 or whatever for one year will be a good contract for them to take on.
  6. I really gotta think Detroit just gave him that amount for another team. This isn't what Holland does. I pray we see him going to a team that needs to build up the cap.
  7. its been confirmed :Update (9:56 PM): Chuck Pleiness confirms Ericsson and the Wings have reached an agreement. And he confirms the numbers. Awesome.
  8. Update (9:56 PM): Chuck Pleiness confirms Ericsson and the Wings have reached an agreement. And he confirms the numbers. Awesome. - Matt
  9. Crap, its confirmed...
  10. I'm thinking it might be four years at that figure. Would make much more sense.
  11. Numbers are not confirmed people, Figures might be off.
  12. I haven't read his name once this off-season and that is a big surprise. Obviously Stuart has 1 year left on his deal but the fact that his family never made the move to Detroit means he was giving himself a 4 year window (his contract) to try to win the cup with the wings. It's quite obvious he plans on going back to LA, ANA, or SJ in 2012 offseason. I wouldn't be shocked if Holland has had conversations with Stuart about his future plans and seeing if he would like to return to the west coast a year early. It would benefit Stuart and the Red Wings to make the deal this summer.
  13. i wish but i dont think a player coming off a career year would take a 2 way contract
  14. come on guys...chicago cant afford year they have kane and toews..thats at least 10 million combined right there..they cant do it
  15. Sorry i thought it was 1\2. my bad