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  1. It was a good season

    I was shocked into numbness in 2003. I nearly cried when Zelinas scored that OT goal at Calgary in 2004. I momentarily decided to stop following hockey after the Hemsky double-salvo in 2006...what was the point. This time, I am looking forward to the season opener with great anticipation. Something changed. Maybe this is finally Babcock's team. Maybe the presence of greats from the 1990s greatness such as Shanny and Stevie, despite Stevie's outstanding leadership, made the team feel more invincible than they actually were, prevented them from forging a new identity. Maybe it's guys like Cleary stepping up, I don't know... But this is the hardest-working Red Wings team in a while. This team would not quit. This team would not give up. CAN ANYONE IMAGINE A DAVE LEWIS TEAM HAVING THIS THIRD PERIOD??? Can anyone imagine a Dave Lewis-coached Datsyuk or Zetterberg backchecking like crazy? How many time did an opposition player look down just to see the puck disappear from his stick, just lifted up by Pasha? There are still problems. Hasek's puck-handling ability is so bad Anaheim WANTED him to play it! Blatant giveaways at our own blueline and other egregious errors in exiting the zone are unacceptable. I don't want perfect exits but if you screw up, it can't lead to a great 2-on-1 scoring chance every time. We need to get bigger, as usual. We need to get Bert his skating legs back. Etc. Etc. But the things that were lacking in previous years are here: HEART and GRIT! And they can do a lot. This 3rd period was magnificent, especially given the starting scoreline. Of course, a part of me wants to say why the previous 2 periods weren't like that, but I'm sure it has something to do with the Franzen/Lilja gift-wrapped loss on Sunday... GO WINGS! 2008 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!
  2. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    And that monkey Materazzi is an angel? "Dirty terrorist" is a perfectly appropriate thing to say? Granted, Zidane should have kept control of himself for the sake of France, but NOT for the sake of football in general -- the Italians always play dirty and it was nice to see one of them finally have their ribcage threatened for it. As for a phantom penalty, I agree that it was questionable. However, in the 2nd half there was a much more blatant faul on Abidal or Mahmouda in the box (replays showed a clear and obvious, maybe even a malicious trip) and there was no call. The Italians got away with one, so they have no right to complain about the PK. As for Zidane being red-carded,that was just a travesty! Elionzo didn't see it. The assistant ref didn't see it. The only one who did see it was Buffon who plead and plead his case until finally the 4th official looked at the VIDEO replay and told Elionzo. WTF? Since when do we have video replay in football? Now, this is not the place to debate the merits of video replay, but the random revolutionary change in officiating with 10 min to go in the World Cup final is stunning! How is this not the front-page news of the day? How many calls throughout the tournament were missed? How many were missed in yesterday's match? So all of a sudden, we're going to spend 4 minutes verifying one just because Buffon can yell louder than the French... The pathetic refereeing perfectly complemented a PK-deciding final in the worst World Cup since the one that the Americans hosted. Vive Zidane! Vive 1998! Allez les Bleus. And Azzurri, half of your team will be playing in Serie B and C next year anyway, so enjoy that...
  3. Eklund: Biron could get traded to the Wings

    May I recommend something? Before saying things like that, put yourself in the place of Buffalo GM Darcy Reiger. If you "know" that Hudler won't make the roster, there is no reason for him not to know that. Pray tell me, what's the incentive for trading away a goalie who is attracting interest around the league for someone you can pluck of waivers anyway? Or if you're so afraid you're going to lose out to a lower-ranked team waivers-wise, wouldn't you rather trade Biron elsewhere and, if you want Hudler that badly,trade a bag of pucks or, at best, a 7th round pick for him the night roster limits go in effect i.e. when the Wings are on the verge of losing him for nothing anyway and will take any crap you give them? Just remember, trades only happen when both parties get something they want. Both GMs have to be "winners" in terms of what they want. There's absolutely no incentive for Reiger to accept Hudler for Biron. And all of this analysis wasn't even taking into consideration that LA Kings are interested as well. Florida is without a starter, etc. Not only do we have to offer something to Reiger that he LIKES, we need to offer something that he LIKES MORE than what Florida and LA offer.
  4. Eklund: Biron could get traded to the Wings

    Draper had a tremendous season in 2003-2004, earning a Selke. He had a poor season this year, but I think it would be fair to assume a rebound soon, not quite to 03-04 levels but close. He has speed, he goes to the corners, he is very solid defensively -- the only thing he really could use is a scoring touch. He is the kind of players that teams like Carolina, Edmonton, and Anaheim had lots of... I would not be giving him up. It would make sense for the Sabres to want a center to replace Connolly. They also need someone who can play with Afinogenov well -- he's a tremendous player but doesn't have a centerman to work with, as was clear in the Carolina series. Williams is a possiblity, but nationality and playing styles would, if I were Darcy Regier, get me to inquire about Datsyuk. Now, if they want Datsyuk, it should take more than Biron. We can ask about C/LW Gaustad (TSN: Has a big frame and an aggressive nature. Is solid at both ends of the ice, and a deft playmaker.) or prospect Daniel Paille (Hockey's FUture: impressive offensive numbers, but more importantly the type of hustle and work ethic that is of captain's material.) , although that would be a longshot.
  5. NHL Entry Draft 2006

    Sorry, I was referring to theman19's post immediately following yours. Thank you for the info you provided.
  6. NHL Entry Draft 2006

    I wouldn't be so dismissive if I were you. That's quite a tall order and if he has any skill, he's likely to go top 2 rounds unless he's a Hakan jem.
  7. NHL Entry Draft 2006

    Unfortunately, living in NY and VA, I don't see any WHL, OHL, or QMJHL games, nor do I see NDTP, College, nor, obviously, European leagues, Hence, I have no idea about young players beyond what I read or hear about them from others. I think it would be a really helpful resource if those who do get to see some of these guys can write a bit about them beyond stats in preparation for the Entry Draft in which the Wings, yet again, have all their top round pics. Oh, and to start it off, what do you guys think about this kid -- Ryan Flynn of the U.S. NDTP. To me, he seems to be a bit underrated at 77th among NA skaters by the ISS.
  8. trade datsuk for brodur

    Hope these work, then: Datsyuk for Sullivan Datsyuk for Kariya Datsyuk for anyone else good in Nashville Datsyuk for Kiprussof Datsyuk for Iginla... Let's hope and pray now...
  9. More Eklund: Wings in Bondra, Hamrlik talks?

    "I actually reported that Burke signed with the Penguins before I reported that he signed with the Lightning."
  10. Osgood or Thibault?

    Khabibulin AND Thibault is one hell of a tandem... No way that would happen. Thibault is going somewhere, just where...
  11. If we had to trade Dats and Zett

    Isn't Kariya getting that much for 2 seasons?
  12. Where's Evan McGrath?

    You don't get promoted to the AHL. Frankly, for a young player, I am not even sure if that's a promotion. But in order to become a Griffin, he would have to be signed by the Red Wings to a contract and then sent down to the minors. a. That's a waste of money. He's not exactly tearing apart the OHL so keeping him in Juniors is perfectly fine. b. I'm not sure if the new CBA allows you to send U20 N. American players with CHL rights to the AHL or ECHL. That was the case with M.A. Fleury a few years ago, I think.
  13. Where's Evan McGrath?

    Harsh... Anyway, that's a committment though anyway. And you have to have a hell of a temper. How do some of our mods manage to not lose it once in a while and abuse their power, i don't know...
  14. Where's Evan McGrath?

    You do realize that no one even noticed this thread and it was about to drift over to the 2nd page before you posted in it. And what's this arrogance telling mods to lock or not lock threads.
  15. Franzen and Filppula signed

    Barnes52, this doesn't change the fact that Filppula might not be coming over right now, but this is a terrific way to get around the 2-year thing that you got us all worried about Again, the Wings can definitely afford a 2-way contract like that.