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  2. favorite wing never to win the cup in Detroit

    Oates all the way
  3. The Official 2008 Detroit Lions Thread

    I wasnt really thinking when I posted a new topic for it. My mistake. I was suprised they only took 4 wideouts (Williams, Johnson, Furrey, McDonald). I know teams have to have 4 active on game day, but arent they making a mistake by not taking a 5th guy? All the guys that made the team deserve it, for the most part. We had some good battles for spots this preseason and im feeling a 10-6 season or 11-5.
  4. The Official 2008 Detroit Lions Thread

    WR Ronald Bellamy, LB Darnell Bing, S Greg Blue, LB Buster Davis, G Frank Davis, DE Victor DeGrate, CB Devonte Edwards, WR Devale Ellis, DE Hardie, TE Clark Harris, QB Drew Henson, S Lamarcus Hicks, G Corey Hulsey, LB Leon Joe, WR Brandon Middleton, WR Kenneth Moore, RB Artose Pinner, T Jonathan Scott, WR John Standeford, CB Thomas Also placed on Injured reserve were running backs, Aveion Cason and Brian Calhoun
  5. Ryder to Bruins
  6. Ryder to Bruins

    Yeah I guess its fine, but all in all kind of seems like a good signing in a way, becuase Boston is only getting better. However, at the same time, 4 million seems like a lot.
  7. Bruins sign Michael Ryder

    yeah I just posted this too. I guess when you got nothing exciting for a few hours its bound to happen
  8. TSN Panel Loves Us

    I agree it was great. lol To be honest, I still have no idea who the hell Jeff Finger is...
  9. TSN Panel Loves Us

    I cant find it anywhere, but this is true. They did this on the 5 pm ET edition of Free Agent Frenzy or whatever its called, which aired on NHL Network in the US. Pang said the Wings picking up Conklin was the best move of the day, and McGuire said Ken Holland and Jim Nill were the only guys in hockey that know what they're doing.
  10. Tucker to Colorado

    hell of a signing
  11. FA Signings

    Lightning sign Adam Hall 3 years, 1.8 million
  12. FA Signings

    Curtis Joseph to leafs
  13. Roberts signs in Tampa

    I dont see it anywhere else, but its a good deal for Tampa. I'm sure every team wishes they had a player like Gary Roberts, but there aren't enough players like that to go around.
  14. Bertuzzi placed on waivers.

    Yeah I also wonder what this guys smoking.... wow just wow
  15. Bertuzzi placed on waivers.

    we know he'll clear I'm sorry you feel that way
  16. Post Everytime You Look

    Happy Birthday!
  17. Members photos

    of course it is
  18. Post Everytime You Look

    oh them fightin words
  19. Post Everytime You Look

    only 1 am here and im tired. lol
  20. Post Everytime You Look

    anyone watch Thames hit the 2 run shot?
  21. Post Everytime You Look

    weekends are sweet......... what in the world was that? oh its nothing....dun dun dun
  22. Members photos I have more up on myspace for anyone who wants to look
  23. Predators trade Hordichuk

    hmm. yeah I would say that is a good thing, I would think that they couldve gotten more than a 5th rounder next year, for him though, but maybe not.
  24. Post Everytime You Look

  25. Is Ozzie a HOFer?

    I think he is, but I don't know for sure