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  1. BeJimmieSet

    South Florida Red Wing Fans

    Thanks Joan, but Ive already been to one of their meetings - havent managed to persuade any of them they want to go in with me as yet tho :eyes:
  2. BeJimmieSet

    2015 Detroit Tigers/MLB Baseball thread

    I know that the AAF has the blessing of the NFL, but for a league to not even have the scores of the games on their own website? I dunno, mates.
  3. BeJimmieSet

    Pacific NW Fans

    Just want to share that there will be a North American Discworld convention in L.A. this year. If you google "NADWcon 2019" it should pop right up. Its July 12th - 15th.
  4. BeJimmieSet

    RED WINGS 2019-2020 TIX 4 SALE

    If you are interested in some plants, try to get an order in by end of this week so we can beat the xmas shipping possible loss or delays Thanks
  5. BeJimmieSet

    Not An Underground Meme-Ban Resistance Thread. Mods Do Not Click.

    no it isnt, cant you see that this is a place for fun and nonsense? if you think it so stupid then dont read stuff from here or even open up this thread.