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  1. Sucks that Helm is out but we need him healthy. He can't risk a bad back injury. No sense letting him take a hit and worsening the situation. Ride with the guys we have
  2. And I got out of my last two speeding tickets. The person below me has been in a car accident
  3. I miss Homer and the old grind line. Those were the days.
  4. Watched every second of the Roy video. Remember that game very well. The statue of liberty goal in Game 6 was just as good. Hasek stood on his head that year.
  5. Why not Minot? You should be able to go into a local sports bar to catch the game
  6. No reason to change anything unless we have an injury. The extra day off should help that. Maybe for Game 5 he would be better suited to play if someone gets dinged up
  7. Staying out of the box and playing solid hard nosed defense is critical. Lidstrom was so damned good at staying out of the box and we had our other d-men taking minors in big games. If these guys can keep playing physical without getting penalized we are going to continue playing for a few more weeks.
  8. Hope Babs tells them they are soft every game. The boys have been pushing hard the last two games. We need to go up 3-1 and deflate the Hawks
  9. With only 48 games in a very short time, we need guys healthy. This is going to be a sprint to the playoffs
  10. The old days of signing who you want and blockbuster trade deadline deals are long done. Elite talent surrounded by the right role players and a hot goalie come playoff time will win Cups. Its a formula the front office needs to adapt to.
  11. There is no conceivable way to compare anyone in the entire league or on our roster to Lidstrom. He was a god among men on the ice. Kronwall & Ericsson both could be #1 d men. But no one in the entire league is on par with Lidstrom back there.
  12. I'd pass. Time to get younger and not add older legs
  13. Hey Hey Mr. Policeman - Brad Paisley
  14. You're comparing two different leagues though. Swiss hockey v Swedish hockey. That really is my question. How do stats from another league translate to the NHL? Guess we'll find out real soon!
  15. Each season stands on its own. That pattern really is just a coincidence. The team that gets hot in the postseason with stellar goalie play is going to win the Cup every year. The best team doesn't always win it all.