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  1. I'll tell you right now that the Sabres are trading someone because they just traded away Taylor Pyatt for a fourth-round selection. This was to free up Cap room or playing room. Pyatt was very promising. I don;t understand that one. He is talented but oftened injured.
  2. Exactly.... The thing I don't understand you look at a guy like Johan Franzen, he's big, he skates well, which should mean he can hit and he only does occassionally. I think he can be a force, if he wanted. If I were Bootland or any of the other guys trying out for the Wings, I would take notice and fill that role. It's almost like the Wings don't want that style?? Maybe I'm just assuming this but it sure seems that way.
  3. Yes this is true but if you put speed against speed then you'll put them on their heels and also open up a lot more ice. That is the only way I can think of eliminating the trap, except for the referees cracking down on the obstruction that takes place. The thing with Afinogenov is he is shifty. This complicates the speed thing. You can match speed with speed but when you add in being shifty than your talking another level. Remember Fedorov and how his speed and shiftness made him dangerous. His problem (except in 93 / 94) was that he couldn't always bury the puck.
  4. The best way to beat the trap is not let it set up. By a very quick transition "Speed"! I do agree that a goon is useless. I thought Simon probably was the closest to a hockey player. I also agree that we need more grit. Honestly we can put grit in the lineup by using kids that want to show what they can do. Bootland is an example. Tucker take too many stupid penalties.
  5. Grit has always been a problem. As far as I am concern they should signed Georges Laraque or Brashear or somebody with some balls!! But they were beat to every loose puck there was. Yes Legace Sucked too!
  6. Apparently you need the support,I stated my opinion, not expecting be attacked for something so simple... please explain to me what ultimately killed the Wings last year against the Oilers! No it wasn't the goalie (although he didn't help), it was SPEED. So now Holland has a chance (maybe) to improve that greatly, and everyone thinks it's stupid??? If you feel like talking hockey than let's talk...otherwise this my last response to you!
  7. Boy that's classy!
  8. Ops made a mistake!!! I hope you can forgive me. His speed is unreal and would more than benefit playing with HENRIK or Pavel. Right now he is playing the playmaker where he is. Aparently we disagree on his usefulness. It was my opinion, by the way I am entitled to it!
  9. Max is a natural scorer....Can you image him with Pavel or Hendrick??
  10. Pull the trigger Holland! Everyone keeps saying he doesn't have the balls to do anything. I agree Kronvall is going to be a great defenseman but currently Detroit has no one in goal. Everyone is assuming that Howard is the future NHL # 1 goalie. This could change over night. If he is sitting on proven players, I say take the deal and then wait for the trade deadline to fill that gap, if needed? Maybe there is something else in the works???
  11. How about Peca, Bondra or Cater? http://insidethecode.blogspot.com/
  12. I agree. Three or four years ago, absolutely but not now.
  13. I seen he was 6'1" and 215lbs? Is he aggressive?