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  1. Chuckles, I bust my ass when I fall down too.
  2. The pickins must be awful slim for him to make that roster.
  3. gdt

    Who was the Young guy that shook hands with Holland up in box at the end of the game???????????????
  4. gdt

    I seem to remember losing 7 straight games and I'm pretty sure Z was in the lineup so to believe that he is this fabulous leader is a bit silly. This team sucks and the coaching staff seems to be stuck on playing old farts and lines that make no since.
  5. gdt

    LOL 9.65M and useless as titties on a boar hog.
  6. I'm still trying to figure out why Quincey was not sent down to clear cap space. Cleary and Q sucking air with the Griffins would clear almost 5 MILLION and they both suck.
  7. GDT

    Problem is the old fart veterans get to the second period and all they can think about is a cold beer and going to bed.
  8. Sam reason he signed a useless 35 yr old Samuelsson 3 yrs @3M and no knees Cleary for 1.75 M when we already had too many forwards. Quincy and Miller are the ones that should go, that clears 5.35M and they have -10 and -9 respectively.
  9. gdt

    I was willing to give Quincy some slack last season but He is pretty bad and Kindl seems to be regressing. HOWEVER, the 3 year deal to Samuelsson and resigning Cleary is what really is disgusting and it appears we now have another albatross in Weiss.
  10. gdt

    And exactly what has the Wings done with their # 1 picks when they retained and used that pick over the past 10 years or so? Kindl, Smith, McCollum, Sheahan and Mantha. Mantha might become worthy of his 1st round pick IF he learns to to play every game otherwise he will be just another lazy Francine.
  11. GDT

    That top 4 d'man should have been traded for 2 seasons ago with FRANCINE going in the package when he was still worth something.
  12. When has Babcock ever benched ANY Wings player considered to be top 9? If he had any sack at all Franzen would have been benched long ago. Cleary, Franzen and Samuelsson are a 10 million dollar bag of s***. Franzen should have been packaged with what ever it took to get a replacement for a DEFENSEMAN.
  13. As was Jiri Fischer.
  14. gdt

    Bret Hull and Gretzky both had pretty good careers and neither one played a stick of defense.
  15. GDT

    That's one hell of a great 14 million dollar number 2 line Badcock and Holland put together. NUMBER 2 is a perfect description $HIT.