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  1. beez35

  2. Jimmy Howard Appreciation Thread

    .... no goalie bashing!! Most years I've been here as a fan and we've been knocked out of the playoffs, too many people here call out the goalie and wish they were traded. It's nice to see that Jimmy is getting the credit he deserves this year, being a 2nd year playoff goalie who's proved (at least to me) he can handle the big games. Sure he let in a couple of squeakers - so do the best of the rest! I personally thought Howard had a great playoff run this year, and I'm looking forward to having a confident goaltender in the playoffs for the next few years at least. Despite the Game 7 loss.... what a GREAT series, and hats off to the Red Wings, and the Joe Louis fans for having the heart to come back from 0-3 down and still only get beat by 1 goal in the end. The Sharks are still a bunch of gutless, cheating p*ssies, and I hope they get their a**es handed to them by at least 1 of the next 2 teams they could face!
  3. "The Red Wing"

    Take a look at the website Guardian Project . I've had a good root through this today and actually think it's quite cool. There's a backing story and a "Behind the Scenes" video. As well as all the characters in their comic form. I'm pretty hyped about this! I think people are getting the idea that this was totally hockey related, and the heros are going to be ace hockey players or something?! But the only relation to hockey seems to be that the kid involved is a youth hockey player. His dying father created these Guardians to protect him - and I'm guessing he related them to NHL teams coz his son was a hockey fan?!? That's my 2 cents anyway (or 2 pence if you're from the UK like me)
  4. Finding old games

    Digital if possible would be great, but anything at this point would be good!
  5. Finding old games

    I'd be interested in this also if anyone knows where we can get hold of them?
  6. NHL ASG Entertainment to Suck

    Bring back the NHL of the 80s and 90s. The NHL of now is starting to remind me of the crap they called Slap Shot 2. With all the "family" and fairy nonsense.
  7. Claude Lemieux and Darren McCarty

    Do you know what photo it is? Plus would you ship to UK?
  8. Jeff Skinner

    Cheers for the heads up guys - I've now added him to my fantasy hockey line up
  9. good day but bad night....

    HAHA! I can't believe I just sat and worked that out! I must be bored at work! And I read it out loud, sitting 6 inches from the screen, so had people standing watching me.
  10. good day but bad night....

    I'm still laughing at this thread..... but haven't worked out why yet
  11. Howard Worthy of Mcfarlane Figure?

    Carey Price one is funny. Is he ducking away from the puck... or a Canadiens' fan?! Carey Price
  12. How do you cope?

    I drive round in my new Mini Cooper S I bought last weekend. I try to keep up to date with Wings news, and play the PS3 more
  13. Steve Yzerman named TB's new GM

    I just choked and spat out my tea when I saw this on just now. Totally gutted! Best of luck to him though, such a class guy. However I'm down about it now, and depressed for the day
  14. What I'm worried about

    One thing that people need to stop doing - which is the same at every down turn, or bad patch - is to stop thinking that we need to get rid of 5-6 players (who ever they may be) and replace them with 5-6 other players! Keeping certain veteran players like Maltby and Draper for a small price can be a great asset for the team when mentoring younger up and coming players. I don't believe there's another team in the NHL that has as many Stanley Cup rings in the room - experience is a great thing to have, and a lot of teams lack. How many rings do the Oilers and the Maple Leafs have between them? And neither of them know a f*cking fiddle about how to make it far in the playoffs, yet alone to the playoffs in the first place. We'll be back - maybe not this year, but possibly 2011. And it will be veteran leadership and proven management that will play a vital role in putting that winning team together. Remember this is the team that battled through massive injuries this year and got all the way to the 2nd round of the playoffs (so far). 16-1-3 (??) since the Olympics? That's huge! IMO there's only minor tweaking that needs to be made here, like there is every year - to get the combination right again.
  15. I'm Satisfied

    I think 'realists' was the word you were looking for. We've all realised that it's probably over - however it would be a nice treat if the Wings won in 7. However two 7 game series in the 1st 2 rounds, how far would we go next round? I myself am happy with the Wings in the last few years. Nothing can even come close to the disappointment at the final horn of last year's game 7 final - and having to watch Cindy lift the cup at the Joe during every commercial break! I'm glad Howard has seen some playoff action - he did pretty well for his 1st two rounds of playoff hockey, and we're always saying we need a goalie with playoff experience - and he has shown some promise so far! Also this gives us a longer rest period during the off season to rest players, move some trash, and sign some stars