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    Blash replacement story Maybe it isn't too soon after all... ...although it is good to finally hear him say “we had a whole bunch of guys that couldn’t execute a tape-to-tape pass.” Should've said it 3 years ago, but its forward progress of a sort.
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    What's worse than this team?

  3. grimace1970

    What's worse than this team?

    Flaming poop on the bottom of your shoe.
  4. grimace1970

    Blash replacement story

    Honestly, I don't believe changing the coach at this point is going to have a significant effect. Although someone willing to incessantly drill them on their passing wouldn't go amiss.
  5. grimace1970

    Blash replacement story Too soon? I theoretically like the idea of Boucher...
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    Why not? Especially if we're seriously going to lose Gus?
  7. grimace1970

    Smith-Pelly! Pick 'em up, Kenny!
  8. grimace1970

    New arena construction updates

    Looks like the freaking Borg.
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    Fundamental shift in the way the game is played?

    The "everybody's playing this way" thing resonated a little with what I think I've seen. So I immediately thought if the whole league is playing this way, maybe goals are down. Looking at the chart below, the league is definitely among the lowest mean goals per game per team that it's ever been, and consistently since 2011, despite the constant meddling by the league to push goals back up. Maybe this shows a more defensive game has been played roughly since we stopped being successful. So maybe we're not doing defensive hockey as well as everybody else (perhaps not coincidentally, Lids left in '12, which more or less signaled the complete decomposition of our defense). Definitely feels like we've had this problem for around 5 years or so... Season Goals Per Team Season Goals Per Team 1990 3.46 2003 2.57 1991 3.48 2005 3.03 1992 3.63 2006 2.88 1993 3.24 2007 2.72 1994 2.99 2008 2.85 1995 3.14 2009 2.77 1996 2.92 2010 2.73 1997 2.64 2011 2.66 1998 2.63 2012 2.65 1999 2.75 2013 2.67 2000 2.76 2014 2.66 2001 2.62 2015 2.67 2002 2.65 2016 2.64 I know man. But I still cringe every time one of the Canada Hockey Night or NBC guys uses that word. Was that a Melrosism?
  10. grimace1970

    Fundamental shift in the way the game is played?

    First of all, you referred to the verb "to front" here, which should automatically render everything else you say null and void. But seriously, this seems to be what I'm seeing: d-zone - box out, closest defender attacks the puck carrier hard, get the puck to the wall, scrum, pass TOWARD a teammate, if you're lucky it connects, dump it to center. Repeat. O-zone: dump in, go get the puck off the wall, scrum, pass TOWARD a teammate, promptly giving the puck away, and skate after the play. As you say, it seems like we're doing this to a ridiculous degree, but I'm seeing other teams doing it too. I was thinking it must be coming from somewhere. But I'm sure getting praised in the media for your grit in scrums rather than the accuracy of your passes or your puck possession game isn't doing much for the other two more desirable behaviors in this sentence... Not sure if Blash's goal here is flexibility, but it certainly doesn't seem to be resulting in goals.
  11. grimace1970

    Fundamental shift in the way the game is played?

    "According to Corsica, the Red Wings are last in the league in five-on-five Corsi for per 60 minutes at 47.91 through their first 24 games, last in the NHL in Fenwick for per 60 (36.90) and 27th in shots for per 60 (27.74). Instead of shooting the puck and looking for second-chance opportunities, they generally opt to make a pass that either gets intercepted or leads to a turnover and loss of possession". Wow. Pretty good timing with this story,
  12. grimace1970

    Fundamental shift in the way the game is played?

    This seems to match what I think I've observed the past few years with this team. I feel like part of it is Blash is continuing with Babs' game, and therefore several guys who play really good offensive hockey are squeezed - round-peg-square-hole - into a defense first, dump-and-chase type of game. Maybe this is why so many guys have seemed like they were going to be huge, and fizzled. But maybe everybody plays this way now, and if you can't learn to, you're going to have problems. It worked in the past, but now that everybody's doing it, we can't stand out. I dunno. Probably not a clean answer to this question. And I thought you guys were cool...
  13. grimace1970

    and Las Vegas hockey team is...

    Been watching too much Game of Thrones...
  14. grimace1970

    Fundamental shift in the way the game is played?

    And I thought Gus was the second coming of Shanny there for awhile. And that Pulki was the second coming of Hull. And...and...and. I guess none of the guys that have been these dream future players have necessarily gone on to become superstars, but I have to wonder about the role the system plays. Are they being used in a way that lets them be a Shanny, or a Hull, and so on?
  15. grimace1970

    Fundamental shift in the way the game is played?

    And if this is true, I'd think the coach would be emphasizing the crap out of passing in practice, to encourage the kids' skills to evolve. Good passing is like the most fundamental part of the game (next to skating I guess). I'd think I'd be seeing a better and better passing game over the last several years, and I haven't. This is what makes me think the system might be a problem.