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  1. ps

    "When some wild-eyed, eight foot tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, looks you crooked in the eye and asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what old Jack Burton always says at a time like that: Have ya paid your dues, Jack? Yessir, the check is in the mail."
  2. ps

    First attempt...shout it out if you know it
  3. GDT

    Please get it together guys. Seriously. I don't know what the frick Thursday night was about, but please, get a goal early and don't look back. You guys do not want to be the team that broke the streak. Get somebody in front of the net and shoot the puck. And stop the stupid behind the back blind passes. Z, be better. I have never seen you quite like this. Lead. You've been making really cruddy mistakes, are showing no hustle, and aren't showing the captain's heart you need to show the team how to win. I don't know if you're hurt or just getting old, but now is the time. If this is what we can expect from you going forward, maybe we need a different captain. We can't limp into the playoffs and expect to go anywhere. This team can't luck out against the Rangers in preparation for first round play, or you guys will be playing golf before 3 weeks of April have passed. Every shift. Every period. Sixty minutes of play. Lead from the start. LGW!!!
  4. gdt

    C'mon boys. Win this one. You NEED this one. This one and the pressure's off. Pound em and find the back of the net. Time to get the goal carousel going. Let's Go Red Wings!
  5. gdt

    Last game in Det I saw we won. Seriously starting to think its me. Also, braving the neanderthal freaking Philly fans blows. That and spending endless amounts of money to see us lose.
  6. gdt

    I'm seriously beginning to take this personally. Six games since we moved to Jersey. Six losses when we go to the games. Unbelievable. Suck. Suck. Suck.
  7. gdt

    Gonna be there tonight. Please win. I've seen five games in Philly and Newark and we've lost every one. Please win. Please?
  8. GDT

    Go get 'em boys. Good passes and speed.
  9. Maybe they're related... you know, like, "This is my brother Henrik and my other brother Henrik".
  10. "Henrik Zetterberg is among the world's leading brain researchers and has conducted research on concussions in sports for many years and in numerous studies." Wow, what are the odds? "Henrik Zetterberg" in Sweden must be like John Smith in the States. At least he's doing hockey-related work while he's out. Seriously, it'd be great to have a blood test for concussions. As much as the new process has improved things (tongue-in-cheek) from the old days, it would be good to remove a lot of the subjectivity.
  11. gdt

    This is probably the only time I'll get to see the guys live this year, and Z, Dats, and Mule are all out. Please, youngsters, give me a win. Only thing I hate more than having to put up with the Philly fanbase is walking out of the Wells Fargo center after a loss.
  12. These guys are nuts. Pass! Can't stand Ott.
  13. gdt

    Wait, Steve Ott is their away game captain? First of all, Ott as captain. Second, only for away games? Wha?
  14. gdt

    Yes. YES. YES! YES! YES! Let's do this boys! New season! Time to take back the Cup! Starting.......NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. If you eliminate the effects of all factors except CHIP, the one some of you argue is most due to chance, only Ottawa, Florida, and Philly are lower. The Injuries (CHIP) statistic is based on the combined cap hit of all injured players. I presume a negative CHIP is built on the assumption that either a) a few of your best players (read best paid) are injured, or b) you have many injuries, thus proportionally more of your team is rookies. Either way that is going to eat into your number of wins. Detroit's CHIP value is -.879, which makes me wonder what the units of that number is. It can't be a proportion (87.9% of our cap hit was injured)... Detroit lost to injury this regular season (d*mn inconsistent stats): Helm 48 Bert 46? Sammy 44? Flip ? Dekeyser 6? Mule ? Brunner ? Zetts ? Eaves significant? Quincy ? White ? Gustavsson ? Howard ? Dats ? Smith ? Cola ? Ericsson ? Mursak Kindl ? JMac significant? By comparison, Philly lost (with # of games): Pronger 48 Meszaros 37 Shelley 36 Grossmann 18 Hartnell 16 Rinaldo 16 Coburn 15 Briere 14 Talbot 13 Leighton 10 Gervais 8 Read 6 McGinn 6 Sesitito 6 Huskins 6 Simmonds 3 Timonen 3 Couturier 2 L. Schenn 1 Gustafsson ? Walker ? We have at least 3 missing nearly the whole season, and a total of 19; Philly had the obvious one, two others for most of the season, and a total of 21 guys. Helm (1.8 mil), Bert (2 mil) & Sammy (3 mil) aren't making that much compared to Pronger ($5 mil), Meszaros ($5 mil), and Shelley (1 mil). Just wonder how they're calculating that number.