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  1. Seraph

    Red Wings Target Mike Green

    I think it's kind of funny that we have one thread blasting Holland for his lack of moves and "we like our team" mentality, and here we have everyone making a commotion about how they couldn't bear to see us lose ANY of our up and coming young players in an actual move.
  2. Seraph

    Red Wings Target Mike Green

    Trading away Tatar is insanity.
  3. Seraph

    Quincey re-signed by DET. 2 yr s $4.25 mill AAV

    Say it ain't so! I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st.
  4. Seraph

    Wings to have face to face with Matt Niskanen

    Please let's cap the Kenny Holland retirement home program to one, being either Alfie or Iginila. I don't want to log jam the youngsters out any further. Especially with people also contemplating Cleary. Really wishing we had somehow retained Hossa at this point.
  5. Seraph

    Dylan Larkin - Highest draft pick since 1991

    He looks skinny and he's a Leafs fan from Michigan. Hmm. But if you guys are excited, so am I.
  6. Seraph

    Wings to have face to face with Matt Niskanen

    Overpay and get him. The cap era has screwed over the players in every way except during unrestricted free agency. We're not going to fill the gap on defense by any other means so let's pony up.
  7. Seraph

    SC winners and the draft.

    Every year there are 10 top ten picks. Let's say they each stay in the league for a meager 5 years (probably more because top players usually last longer). That means there are at least 50 top ten picks around at one time. On average that is at least 1-2 per team, probably more if their careers are longer. This is another correlation does not equal causation trap.
  8. Seraph

    J-S Giguere to announce retirement

    The best goalie at wearing pads I ever saw.
  9. Time doesn't seem to be the issue for the NHL, but I'm all for it if it might improve the ice surface for gameplay.
  10. Seraph

    Puck Daddy: Trotz Head Coach for Caps

    Either this will be good for the Caps, or a disaster. Getting these guys to play to their weakness (defense) will be interesting to watch.
  11. Seraph

    Blues re-sign Elliott, announce Miller won't be back

    I could totally see Holland biting on this in replacement of Monster. People on here used to talk about how badly this guy wanted to play for us and with his brother. Not saying it'd necessarily be the best move. We all know how much Holland loves players who are mildly past their prime.
  12. Seraph

    Canada can support 3 more teams in 20yrs

    I've always supported a team in the pacific northwest. They're so bored that soccer is huge there. I think they'd rally around a hockey team pretty easy.
  13. I'd imagine this is pretty regular stuff in the day to day of being a hockey player. He will have to adjust and find his role again, like any good hockey player. Just be glad we know what he is capable of and Babcock can play him with a lot of confidence.
  14. Seraph

    Yzerman's contract up after 2015

    I doubt Stevie will uproot his family again to turn his back on the franchise that gave him a shot as GM. I think he'll stay true to the Bolts and enjoy his retirement from playing in Florida.
  15. Seraph

    10 ton elephant in the room.

    It's a herniated disc. He'll be fine.
  16. Seraph

    Brian Rafalski signs with ECHL team

    Yeah, no thanks. No need to plug up a defensive spot with a 40 year old. Let the kids strive for it, and if they can't get the job done, find a long term solution.
  17. Seraph

    Certain NHL attendance metrics are better than NBA

    In the states, hockey has a cult following. We all pack the stadiums but don't have the numbers to compete in TV ratings. There will always be more casual fans of the other major sports. That's all this is saying.
  18. Seraph

    1/4 GDT : Red Wings 5 @ Stars 1

    Awesome GDT. We've had all sorts of creative losing streaks in regulation, OT, shootout, and blown leads. Let's get some sort of winning streak this year guys. Let's go Wings!
  19. Seraph

    Datsyuk vs. Zetterberg

    Zetterberg is not as flashy. But if you pay attention to what he does you really see how smart a player he is, plus he's an absolute beast on the puck. I have never seen a player hold onto and defend a puck like this guy. Overall I think he is far underrated compared go Datsyuk, but I do give Datsyuk the edge if you twist my arm.
  20. For people who went, how was the view? I always thought the downside of playing in a giant football stadium would be that you couldn't see the puck way in the back.
  21. We lost but played good hockey. You can't make 3 big mistakes in a shootout and expect to stay in it.
  22. Just by supply and demand his price would be ridiculous on the open market. He has a big name so it comes with a big price. To think he would sign anywhere for less than 6 million a year for 5 years would be silly. Not a gross overpayment when you think of the context.
  23. Seraph

    Maybe the weirdest OT winner you'll ever see

    So weird. Sometimes they call off a goal with "intent to blow a whistle" because they lose sight of it, and other times they just don't make a call and take it to video review??
  24. Seraph

    Leafs/Wings 24/7 Episode 2 Discussion (12/21)

    I was wondering why we weren't seeing as many Babcock speeches in the locker room until I saw him kick the camera crew the eff out. Then I wasn't wondering anymore.
  25. Seraph

    Trade with Sabres?

    The thought of a Howard - Miller trade is actually very interesting. Probably unlikely as mentioned, but I think worth discussing because of Miller's connection to Detroit and his brother. Plus I know Holland is well connected with the Sabers organization, or at least he was in the past.