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  1. Seraph

    Nice essay on Wings/Avs anniversary

    McCarty--haha, he sure scores the most iconic goals, no? My dad actually delivered one of his kids. Fun fact for you.
  2. Seraph

    lilly pad fights moen! lmao!

    I don't think you can classify a fight as a win when the description of the opponent says: "Moen returns fire with a roundhouse right that knocks Lilja off-balance and to his knees. "
  3. Seraph

    How far the Wings are going to go in the playoffs?

    Oh, what's all this positive talk about... Doesn't anyone else want to go just one more year, setting a goalie on scotching-hot fire with enough steam to send him to the finals? What do you say, team, first round exit to Luongo or Kipper? Haha. I jest. I am really excited to see what we can do this year, especially now that we've got a little bit o' grit in our teeth.
  4. I don't get to see very many games because I'm at college in New York. It kind of sucks. We should try to arrange something for people on here to see games. I know there are Stars fans where some guy sets up a web cam in front of his TV and broadcasts all the games to the fans. Haha. Or maybe we could all chip in on an Online Center Ice account. Though, they probably won't let multiple people log in. Not sure about what slingbox is, but if someone has a solution for people like me, let me know please.
  5. Seraph

    Who's on your Red Wings Jersey?

    Small white youth jersey, no name on the back. I've had it since I was eight and it is completely disgusting with mustard and food stains all over it. Blank, red jersey. Yzerman, red jersey. I got 'em in that order, too. Coming next is a Zetterberg jersey.
  6. Seraph

    shanny again

    I wouldn't doubt it for a second.
  7. Seraph

    Babs calls out Hasek...what gives?

    Yes. Diving is a part of the game. But you've got to be smart about it and manage your risks. Diving when you could potentially lose the game for your team is probably not a good management of risks. That's why Babcock said something, whether it appears like that or not.
  8. Seraph

    No worries about Hasek.

    I respect this reply. The whole point was to NOT resist reality.
  9. Seraph

    No worries about Hasek.

    I personally don't want to be uplifted by lies, but hey, that's just me. If other people do, then I'll keep my mouth shut next time. I think being a "know it all" in this case is helping clear up a stat that would otherwise create false hope (but from what you're saying, that sounds like what you want, so maybe I'm wrong?). That's the benefit to your cost. If you want to be a part of a message board that just sits around blindly praising and believing, they call that homerism. Let's face reality and have some insightful conversations. Okay, so lets make up some more faulty stats to boost morale. I actually heard recently that Kris Draper is a cyborg and can burst the hearts of little children with a single stare. I can already feel the morale rising. I agree with you that the future is the future, and stats are stats. But they're still fun to talk about when speaking about sports. We're allowed to do that, right? I'm also sure you would agree with me that when stats are used, they should be accurate. Why are you resisting me so much? Is it because I'm a "know it all"? Your last sentence is the faultiest logic I've ever heard.
  10. Seraph

    No worries about Hasek.

    The whole point was that your logic IS wrong. Even above. The only part I disagree with is the .009 difference in goals against. You admit that Osgood played worse teams. If this is true, then all you have shown above is that statistically Osgood has played WORSE than Hasek. Try to think about it more. Your data would be valid only if the starting goalie was randomly selected each game. That obviously wasn't the case. Let's take it to the extreme and see if that helps. Lets pretend the Wings randomly played pee-wee teams throughout the season. They decide only to start Osgood in pee-wee games and let Hasek rest. The team plays out their season and Hasek and Osgood have goals against averages that are only .009 different. Is that reassuring? Hardly. For your comparison to be valid, Hasek AND Osgood would have to have been randomly selected to play whether it was against the pee-wee team or an NHL team. If you still disagree with me, then you are free to frolic in your ignorance. As far as being "positive" towards the team, that's fine with me if you want to trick yourselves into thinking Osgood has performed similarly. That's being really positive! Have fun sleeping well at night.
  11. Seraph

    No worries about Hasek.

    Okay, 9 + 6 = 45. Since this is true, the New Jersey Devils will be 2006-2007 Stanley Cup Champions. You can't just provide numerical "evidence" to be positive. The objection is against doing that, not against Osgood or the team.
  12. Seraph

    No worries about Hasek.

    Because you tried to compare Osgood's numbers to Hasek's and compared them using faulty statistical logic. See my post above. Your "defense" of Osgood was misleading.
  13. Seraph

    No worries about Hasek.

    Bravo, on this reply. As I was reading the original message, I was thinking the exact same thing. As a back-up, your minimum duty is to at least match the winning numbers of the starter. If you're truly better or on the same level as the starter, then you should have much better numbers since you're playing the lower tier teams. In this case, Osgood is doing the minimum. Hasek is the one out there earning the difficult points against the hard teams. You can also think of it like this: Osgood is not as good of a goalie as Hasek because (even though they have similar save percentages) the quality of the shots Osgood has faced have been lower than Hasek's.
  14. Seraph

    OFFICIAL: Todd Bertuzzi a Red Wing

    Does the organization even have Red Wings jerseys in his size?!
  15. Seraph

    Buccigross on the Red Wings

    I think an interesting question here is: How do you guys think the Red Wings will react going into the playoffs not as the favorite? Do you think there is less pressure? Will that help them or maybe harm them? The expectations don't seem to be as high, from what Buccigross is saying.
  16. Seraph

    '94 SI Cover- When the NHL was Hot

    Quick question. Why does everyone place all the blame of the lock-out on Bettman? Wasn't it kind of stupid for Goodenow not to accept his final offer before canceling the season? It was the players that got screwed in the end because of him.
  17. Seraph

    Seattle looking to join NHL?

    Believe me, the hockey in Vancouver has absolutely no impact on Seattle. I used to live in Detroit and then I moved to Seattle, I told people at my school that I was into hockey and they only had a vague idea of what it was. It took me a really long time to find a league I could play in, too. And it didn't turn up being anything fancy either. I think the potential for a team in the Northwest is great. There just hasn't been enough exposure to the sport. Portland is a great city too and could be good for an NHL team. I actually think hockey is a bit more popular in Portland, but what I know is only anecdotal. EDIT: My comment about there being "no impact" on Seattle was relating to the popular culture. The people who follow the minors would of course be aware and very much into what's going on in BC. I doubt there are many casual fans, though.
  18. Seraph

    TSN: Red Wings interested in Bertuzzi

    Can someone say something about if/how well Bertuzzi will fit in Detroit's system?
  19. Seraph

    TSN: Red Wings interested in Bertuzzi

    Red Wings acquire Bertuzzi for little, something good happens. In retrospect we're all glad we got him. Red Wings acquire Bertuzzi for little, nothing good happens so he is let go. We aren't glad we got him for what he did. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Red Wings DON'T acquire Bertuzzi, more than likely, nothing good happens (see past few playoffs) Red Wings DON'T acquire Bertuzzi, less than likely, something good happens. Pick your side of the fence.
  20. Seraph

    SFE: Wings looking at 'star player' by deadline

    haha, pretty high stakes, putting your wife on the table... what are you getting in return if you're right?!