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  1. When I saw that I thought he was totally trying to block him from twirling it. Atta boy Al!
  2. Seraph


    Everyone says Cobo center if you want to park close by. But I agree with the above, there are lot of ways to get to the game once you are downtown. You can get dinner pretty much anywhere, and take the People Mover for 75 cents right to Joe Louis. Greektown is a good spot. You can also grab some food at Hockeytown cafe. There is a ton of parking around there for about 10 dollars and they have a shuttle directly to the game. Have fun!
  3. Today is my birthday. Bought a ticket to the game as a present, and I won't tell you my wish, but I'm sure you can guess. Wings in 6! Let's go!
  4. I hate these guys so much.
  5. Wow, playoffs haven't tasted this sweet in a while. Great shut-down effort by the whole team. Zetterberg turned captain composure into a clown. Howard was a black hole. Babcock was coaching circles around Quenneville to the point that he was convinced benching his stars was the best move. What a phenomenal night. I am still smiling about it. Again, Chicago, you picked an awesome time for your first losing streak. Let's keep it running to 4!!
  6. Seraph

    trade idea for next year

    They won't even directly deal Quincey to us for a pick. A major swap like that seems unlikely.
  7. Welcome to the boards! Match works too, it's just more classy than what we're used to. Is it just me or has this series been excellent?? It feels like we're in the 90s hounding Roy. Let's go wings!! How sweet would a 3-1 lead be??
  8. I remember we had a major lack of effort problem after Bowman left. Guys were playing soft and felt way too comfortable under Lewis. It's a shame we didn't bring this guy in sooner.
  9. Seraph

    Octopus Toss Suggestions/Advice GAME 4

    You need a fan shield. You have to ask everyone around you to stand up so it's unclear who did it. I've seen that tactic. At the last game, some stud hurled a pi from the upper bowl right in front of me. What a champ! I was impressed.
  10. This year has been crazy like that. Before you had your Maltbys and Drapers log-jamming the line-up. We'd see one maybe two rookies at a time. I'm not sure if our success is from how over-ripe these players had become playing in the minors or what.
  11. Seraph

    Report: Roy Appointed Avalanche Coach

    Yeah exactly. This is the quote that I remembered. What a lunatic.
  12. Seraph

    Report: Roy Appointed Avalanche Coach

    Didn't he tell some kid to goon it up from behind the bench? Or tell his kid to beat someone up? Doesn't sound like he's very cool and collected for the job.
  13. I am as pumped as anyone else, but a lot of bounces went our way this game. The Hawks looked scary in the first and third. We happened to get two rapid goals in succession to get them playing out of a hole, and they arguably tied the game in the third. Now they are pissed. Game 4 is going to be huge. We have to somehow steal that one as well before we can really start feeling good about ourselves.
  14. Dear Chicago Blackhawks, You sure did a lot of winning this year. Now would be a good time for a losing streak. Warm regards, -Detroit
  15. Whatever, if the Hawks want to skate around like a bunch of idiots to match our imaginary infractions, then be our guest. That will only help us get more calls. Chicago has a lot of skill and knows how to do a lot of things, but apparently one thing they didn't learn this year was how to respond appropriately to a defeat. Hopefully it will be their downfall.
  16. We all knew Hawks were favored to win it. At least we hung in there for two periods and shook off some butterflies. If we get bounces on Saturday we take home ice advantage and take it a game at a time. Howard will have to be huge because the shot differential was scary.
  17. It's all gravy from here on out. It would be so sweet indeed if we took this game against the heavily favored Blackhawks!! It's been such a pleasure watching us grow this year. I really like our team.
  18. Seraph

    Babcock vs. Quenneville.

    Whether Quenneville is behind the bench or not, the Hawks are by far the favored team. They beat us every game this season and outscored us 12 to 5. I think the depth of their team will play a much bigger role than anything Babcock can pull rolling lines. If you forced me to bet, I'd say we won't get out of this series. Nevermind any random Joel Quenneville stats. I'll sure hope otherwise though. To beat them, we'll have to outwork them like we did the Ducks, but more consistently, and need a lot of luck.
  19. You'll be fine as long as you realize you're in another team's barn and show due respect. Otherwise, expect some friendly ridicule.
  20. I will second that there are no bad seats at the Joe. I was in the very last row in game 6 and it was awesome. The arena is built on a smaller scale so you get a good view of the play no matter where you are.
  21. Seraph

    Wings awards from Round 1... take your pick

    I think Nyquist was unbelievable. He was just so dang hungry. He also reminded me of a young Datsyuk playing on Hull's line and overhandling the puck at times, which is not a bad place to start. I think he will develop nicely.
  22. Seraph

    Helm Status Update

    What a grim update. Makes it seem like he's lying in a dark room somewhere grimacing over his back pain all day.
  23. I'll be in the stands for this one, section 207. The crowd from the other night inspired me to go. Let's get loud and make it impossible for the dirty Ducks to get anywhere. Wings in seven!!
  24. We're learning lessons the hard way I suppose. Earlier we learned not to stop playing with a 4-0 lead. Now we've learned the importance of getting ahead when you have a chance, after blowing that major powerplay. Overall we are exceeding everyone's expectations (especially LGW's doom and gloom expectations). Whatever happens this year will make us better for next year.
  25. Ugh, this one didn't feel right from the start. We were out there blowing off major penalties and Howard was working way too hard. I got a ticket to game 6 hoping we could bring it home, but looks like we'll be playing with our backs to the walls.