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  1. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    Kronwall is a young defenseman who's already won major awards in big international competitions. He won the MVP of the World Championships the last two years. And he's 25 or 26. He won the Eddie Shore Trophy. He's done just about everything you can expect from a defenseman outside the NHL. He's a potential Norris winner. Maxim Afinogenov can't finish. I wouldn't trdae Kronwall for Ryan Miller, let alone Biron, even if Afinogenov were thrown in.

    If Grigorenko hadn't been injured, he probably would have played in the NHL in 03-04. I remember that they signed Hudler shortly after Grigorenko was injured. I think the original plan was to sign Grigorenko (or both, but I highly doubt that they would have signed only Hudler), but obviously that wasn't possible after the accident. I read recently (on freep, I think) that Holland was considering signing Grigorenko, but the transfer agreement was not in place with Russia, so the plan fell through. I expect Grigorenko to play at a level very similar to what made him a top ten prospect before his accident. He seems very determined to get back and to be a good player. Broken bones typically heal stronger than they were before, so other than his year of not playing hockey, I don't expect his development to have been affected as much as some suggest. I've heard that he has gained a good bit of weight (up to about 220lbs), and hasn't really lost any of his speed, which, especially considering his accident, is pretty amazing.
  3. What's the news on Kronwall?

    Kronwall's last contract was $900k. I don't know what the rule is on qualifying offers, but I expect him to get right around $1M. From what I've heard, a few teams are interested in Per Ledin. Somebody compared him to Tomas Holmstrom, and another person said he's more of a Swedish Sean Avery. He had a career year last year, with 36 points in 50 games, top 30 or so in the SEL. It's good that he excelled while playing against all the NHL talent in the SEL. I wouldn't expect him to get much more than the league minimum. And considering that Detroit has five Swedes already, it would probably be an attractive destination if he does decide to sign with an NHL team.

    I think the reasoning behind keeping Grigorenko in Russia another year is that they want him to get back to 100% before signing him, and he's probably more likely to do that while playing with his old coach in a more familiar place than playing in Detroit or GR.

    Grigorenko will be on the Wings for 06-07. If Holland is desparate to get a RW now, he might try to sign Grigorenko for this season, but that's just speculation on my part; I haven't heard anything that indicates that he will sign this season.
  6. Franzen and Filppula signed

    I was thinking the same thing. The two-year limit doesn't say that a player has to be NHL or even AHL-ready. He just has to be signed. If after two years you still think a guy can be an NHLer, sign him to a small contract, and send him back to Sweden or the AHL if he's ready. You and Vadim are both right about doesn't mean they have to be in the AHL or NHL to be signed, but how many prospects can you sign? It's inevitable you'll lose some, more than they did in the past There's no limit to the number of draft picks a team can sign. If there were, then teams would probably be trading away a lot of their picks. But Detroit probably won't sign all their picks from this year. And neither will other teams. Other teams can sign Detroit's picks, but Detroit will be able to do the same.
  7. James "Jimmy" Howard

    That is the problem. He shoulda came over last year to continue his development. He had nothing left to accomplish, but didn't venture over here. As Barnes said, he'll be 25 in December and has no N.American hockey experience. If he doesn't come over now, he'll be pretty close to 30 before he can crack the line-up, if Howard lets him. Personally I would love to see him come over, from what I understand he's quite a character, but I doubt we'll ever find out. This I agree with. I guess what gets me is posters here knockin on Liv for being a flop when its really not him at all, its management. He easily should have been over in the AHL by now and your right if hes not here by 2006 or 2007 he will be done. Be done with the wings and instead signed and properly handled by another team. It was Liv's choice to stay in Sweden after his team, HV 71, won the SEL championship. If he'd signed, he may have played well enough in the AHL last season to get considered as Detroit's backup this season. Instead, he stayed in Sweden, didn't play well, and now he will probably be in the NHL no sooner than 2007, if he ever comes over at all.
  8. Franzen and Filppula signed

    I was thinking the same thing. The two-year limit doesn't say that a player has to be NHL or even AHL-ready. He just has to be signed. If after two years you still think a guy can be an NHLer, sign him to a small contract, and send him back to Sweden or the AHL if he's ready.
  9. Franzen and Filppula signed It says near the bottom that it is expected that Detroit will anounce that they are both signed.
  10. Quincey and Oulahen - SIGNED

    Oulahen was named the most underrated player in the OHL last season by the coaches and ranked in the top three in faceoffs, penalty killing, defensive forwards, and skating. He scored nearly a point per game while playing against the best offensive players in the OHL every shift. And he's the captain of the team. He doesn't put up spectacular offensive numbers, but he is a spectacular player. Howard can still sign with Detroit. The deadline was for signing 2003 drafted players that are eligible to re-enter the draft or become UFAs. There is no deadline to sign college players or Europeans, so he can still sign. Howard could sign in November if he wanted to.
  11. James "Jimmy" Howard

    It was Liv's choice to play in Sweden last season. Holland wanted to sign him to play in GR. The window may be closed now, with Howard being essentially a lock to get a contract next season if not sooner. Joseph, Hasek, Osgood and Legace have nothing to do with Liv. Goalies almost never go directly into the NHL without playing in the AHL. Liv would not have started his North American career in the NHL. No way. Not even Kari Lehtonen did. Liv has not played in North America. He has to adjust to the different style. I definitely think Holland would be displeased if Liv were playing in Detroit next season. Here's what assistant GM Jim Nill said about Stefan Liv. “He’s got to really step up and take control,� said Nill. “He’s at the age where he’s got to take over.� To me it sounds like Detroit is somewhat soured on Liv. HV-71 won the SEL championship in 7 games. He had four shutouts in the final series, but it was not a sweep. Liv has been much more inconsistent than Howard, who, IMO could be an All-Star goalie some day.
  12. Ryan Oulahen

    No sh*t well then...that is pretty badass!....future shanny in the making maybe?defensive forward and all? He was also voted 3rd best at faceoffs in the Eastern conference. Future Shanahan? Highly doubtful. Future Draper? Maybe. He's good at faceoffs and defense/penalty killing and a good skater. Either way, though, he sounds like a winner to me. I'm excited to see how he'll do in GR next year (he's going to get a contract).
  13. James Howard

    Maine is in the NCAA tournament.
  14. James Howard

    Well, Liv has to adapt to playing against NHL talent if he wants to make it in the NHL Yes, but he won't have to adapt to playing against NHL talent with an AHL team in front of him.
  15. James Howard

    Unlike many SEL teams, HV 71 (Liv's team) does not have a lot of NHL talent this season. Jonathan Cheechoo, Anders Eriksson, and Manny Malhotra are the only NHLers on HV 71's roster. Cheechoo and Malhotra have only played 14 games each, and Eriksson has played in 26. HV 71 has played 44 games. A lack of NHlers could certainly hurt the team's chance for success. Most of the teams at the top of the SEL have at least a few very good NHLers. MODO: Forsberg, Naslund, both Sedins, Adrian Aucoin, Tommy Salo, Mattias Weinhandl (one of the leaders in both goals and points right now. I don't think he's been injured, though I don't know for sure.