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  1. Phoenix Coyotes -- Worst organization in sports

    touché ...
  2. Who gets their name on the cup this season?

    nope ... cuz ... Meech on Cup The club successfully petitioned the NHL to have Meech's name engraved on the Stanley Cup. He didn't meet the requirement of 40 regular season games or one game in the finals (he appeared in 32 regular season games and didn't dress in the playoffs), but the league recognized he was with the team the whole season. The Cup will be engraved later this month. how's that crow tastin' ... and it is tidy - as in clean ...
  3. Who gets their name on the cup this season?

    no ... 40 ... from the wings 2002 championship ... "Manny Legace's name was misspelled MANNY LEGECE with an "E" instead of an "A". An "A" was stamped over the second "E" twice to correct this mistake. Detroit wanted to include 30 Non Players on the cup including the 7 Ilitch children, 7 scouts, and office staff (Paul MacDonald and Nancy Beard). Maxium Kuznetsov who played 39 games (1 short of required 40 games played to guarantee his name on the Stanley Cup), Sean Avery played 36 games for Detroit (36 in the minors). Both players did not play in the playoffs. Uwe Krupp also played 8 regular season games and 2 playoff games, after missing over 60 games due to a back injury. These 3 players, along with 2 trainers, were left off the cup. It is tradition that Ass't Equipment Manager Tim Abbott(on cup in 1997, 1998), and Masseur Sergei Tchekmarevare are included on the Stanley Cup. Since only a maximum 52 names can be engraved the cup each year, Detroit chose these 5 members to be left off. Each team is required to dress 20 out of a 23 players roster each game. However, Detroit only engraved 22 players on the Stanley Cup in 2003." from nhl.com "To earn the status of getting your name engraved on the Stanley Cup, players must play at least 40 games through the regular season or one in the Cup final." but since y'all refuse to believe anyone else ... read it Get to know Stanley and his History ...
  4. Who gets their name on the cup this season?

    nope, it is actually 40 or more ...
  5. Wings/Blackhawks outdoor game @ Wrigley

    car pool ??? i am already on getting hotels ... the gf works for a hotel in GB and gets dope discounts on rooms ...
  6. Franzen update

    are you ******* kidding me ???
  7. 3/5 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blues 1

    ditto ... thanks time warner ...
  8. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

  9. University of Michigan

    yeah, you can never count on the Spartans to do anything right ... all this speculation is nice, but UM stills has to beat OSU ... that will not be easy ... beating Indy is not a big deal to me, but it was nice to see them actually clicking and playing well ... Oh, how I hate Ohio State ... GO BLUE !!!
  10. Will Hudler be here by the end of the year?

    12 goals ... 8 games ... helluva nice start ... i'd like to see him and filp really develop down there this year and be able to handle the big hits, and give them both their shot next year ... being not too far from Milwaukee I am going to go see the grifs every time they play the admirals ... which is four games ... kinda stoked and hope the griffs keep up the good play ...
  11. song title game

    everybody wants to rule the world - tears for fears
  12. song title game

    dead leaves and the dirty ground - the white stripes
  13. song title game

    love will tear us apart - joy division
  14. song title game

    sowing the seeds of love - tears for fears ...